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Why Should You Buy Ready-Made Blinds?

Blinds add functionality and style to modern window treatments. These home elements not only serve interior spaces. They can also extend the functionality of outdoor areas. Blinds add privacy to a space and allow users to control light, ventilation, and temperature. Such versatility can benefit commercial, residential, and public settings. 

When you shop for blinds in New Zealand, you have two choices: custom-made and ready-made blinds. We discuss the advantages of the latter below. 

What makes ready-made blinds a smart choice?

Although custom-made blinds offer stylish and practical benefits, ready-made blinds have unique advantages.   

Like custom blinds, pre-made blinds come in various materials. You can choose wood, vinyl, aluminium, fabric, or coated metal. These blinds are also more affordable, convenient, and easy to install.  

The real question should be: when should you use ready-made blinds? This article can answer that. 

Why should you buy pre-made blinds?

Whether you need blinds for a residential or commercial property, you should opt for pre-made window treatments to enjoy the following benefits. 


Ready-made blinds are more affordable than custom-made window treatments because it doesn't have customisation fees charged to tailormade blinds.  

Additionally, since these blinds are pre-manufactured in bulk, they are less expensive. Mass-produced blinds follow standard industry sizes and universal colour themes to find one that fits indoor and outdoor spaces designs. 


If you rent or own an Airbnb for travellers, pre-made blinds are a practical choice. You can easily replace your window treatment between tenants if needed or when you have to renovate the place. 

It's also practical if you're a tenant who wants to move to another rental. You can easily remove and re-install your favourite window treatment on the go! 


Although manufactured in bulk, pre-made blinds come in stylish designs and high-quality materials.  

If you buy your blinds from a trusted blinds store in NZ, you can enjoy varying colours, patterns, shapes, and dimensions. This variety allows you to decorate your space according to your specific taste. 

Aside from blinds materials, you can also choose from window treatments that adhere to your interior design. You can choose a traditional, modern, industrial, or contemporary blind.  

Easy Installation

Unlike custom window treatments that need professional blind installation services, ready-made ones are easy to put up.  

The standard sizes of pre-made blinds can fit standard-sized windows and sliding doors. Once you get your blinds delivered, you can find installation hardware and instructions to help you get started. 


Unlike custom blinds that take weeks or months to finish, you can purchase blinds online or in-store and have them installed on the same day. It's also likely that your favourite blinds shops have the colour, style, pattern, or material you like available. 

Most importantly, going to a blinds store showroom or an online one can help you see how these window treatments can fit your space. 


Since pre-manufactured blinds undergo the same proven and tested manufacturing process and design template, expect consistency in their quality and design. You can opt for pre-made blinds to achieve a uniform design with your commercial or residential space. 

If ready-made blinds sound ideal for your space, find a trustworthy supplier today! 

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