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Yes, we’re using that word “quirky”, which we’re sure has already induced a bit of wincing in some of you reading this! But we’re mentioning it for a good reason, touching on the subject of the “unusual” or “unconventional” team-building event (other adjectives are available).

Indeed, you might have landed on this very article after Googling something like “unusual team building activities”. And we certainly wouldn’t deny here at Coeur de Xocolat that adopting some measures to help get your team members talking to each other and working effectively together can be extremely important, so we have no objections to the whole notion of team building.

Still, if you’ve ever Googled a phrase like the above, you will have probably come across various suggestions that you could have come up with yourself – escape rooms, yoga classes, arts and crafts workshops, and so on.

Something else that you might have heard is supposedly good for team building, is a chocolatier masterclass. But what would such a masterclass even look like, and what is it about such a thing that elevates it above the various other cringeworthy “unusual” team building activities out there?

Below, we’ll explain all.

A chocolatier masterclass can take many forms

One reason why arranging a chocolatier masterclass for your team can be a great idea, is that there is far from just one way to “do” a chocolate masterclass. So, even if some of your employees have been involved in such an event previously, the next one they participate in could look and feel very different.

Here at Coeur de Xocolat, for example, we make available the likes of truffle masterclasses and chocolate tasting masterclasses, typically taking between one and three hours.

If you like the idea of a chocolatier masterclass, but you don’t have a great amount of time or budget to devote to team building activities at the moment (and in the cost-of-living crisis, so many companies don’t), something like our fast-paced Truffle masterclass could be an excellent choice. It works well with small groups, but you could also have as many as 100 of your company’s people on one of these masterclasses.

Or what about our Chocolate Tasting masterclass, which we can do for as many as 1,000 people in one session? It a class that appeals to one of the most familiar pleasures many human beings have – tasting chocolate – and in the process, your team members will get to find out so much more about chocolate and chocolate tasting than you might have ever imagined.

So, when it comes to versatility and catering to a broad range of different needs, one can barely do better than a chocolatier masterclass (provided, of course, that you go with a reputable provider such as Coeur de Xocolat, although we’ll admit we’re slightly biased).

A chocolatier masterclass is an experience of (near) universal appeal

Let’s face it: the relationship that many of us have with chocolate is of regarding it as a bit of a treat or an indulgence, and we might not have the time in our lives to think about chocolate much beyond that.

So, what if someone told you that you actually could indulge in those chocolate pleasures that you often forbid yourself from enjoying, or even feel guilty about sometimes enjoying? In a way, that’s what a chocolatier masterclass will be like for your organisation’s team members; it is the classic “kid being let loose in a sweet shop” experience, where the participants get to enjoy pleasures almost for their own sake.

Of course, if you’re thinking of enrolling your team members on a chocolatier masterclass, you won’t want them to simply “enjoy pleasures for their own sake”; you will want them to bond to some degree as a result of this process.

And here at Coeur de Xocolat, we have designed our masterclasses to deliver exactly this. We get participants inspired, talking together, and learning about a subject (chocolate) that great numbers of us take pleasure in, even if we aren’t all “chocolate experts”.

Anyway, with our words above, we will have hopefully got you inspired about what a chocolatier masterclass could mean for your team. To learn more and to book your own organisation’s masterclass, why not browse the relevant pages of our website, or reach out to us via phone or email?




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