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As construction site involves the open air, they bear chances of looting and damage. They can also cause injuries to people such as passersby, residents, or intruders who move around the site. Therefore, it is imperative to place the site of the building under surveillance, using a video surveillance system, and above all, human surveillance through a site security service provided by a security company. It is not simply a recommendation but a legal obligation that the site manager must obey under penalty of sanctions. The custody of the site is indeed the responsibility of the contractor who has the use, direction, and control. This responsibility is mandatory for the building owner after the building construction gets approved. It is essential to consider security services for construction sites. Here are a few convincing points for the construction site.

Why Monitor A Construction Site?

In addition to monitoring a construction site is a legal obligation (whether public or private), it is better to do everything possible to ensure that the work goes well. It will bring numerous advantages.

  • It will prevent intrusions, preventing vandalism, damage to work already completed, theft, and injuries.
  • Workers will be able to work safely
  • It will decrease the chances of robbery
  • The equipment such as tools, machines, generators, and rented machines need security
  • Barriers should surround the area even if the site is closed to the public place
  • Raw materials, including copper, which is always an object of desire on construction sites, need preservation
  • The responsibility of the contractor will require an explanation in case of an incident

The security services for construction sites can immediately report to the respective departments in case of fire or accidents. It is strongly advised not to economize and implement the necessary means to ensure quality surveillance and guarding. For example, don't let guards find themselves understaffed guarding a construction site at night.

Human Supervision: Site Guarding

Whether for construction or demolition work, guarding a construction site is one of the classic missions entrusted to security companies and their security agents. The presence of security guards will deter intruders and criminals from entering the site. Canine agents ( dog handlers ) will prove to be particularly effective for security services for construction sites.

Electrical Issues and Security Services For Construction Sites

For the human supervision of a construction site, it is essential to call on agents with the authorization (Electrical authorization intended for non-electricians). The skills associated with this accreditation will enable agents to prevent the dangers associated with the site's electrical equipment. If you need to know the cost of guarding a construction site, an online survey can provide you with quotes very quickly through its partner security agencies:

Price of Security Services For Construction Sites

The price of site guarding will depend on several factors:

  • The size and location of the site to evaluate the security system and the number of security guards
  • The duration of the work
  • The times during which supervision will be necessary (10% surcharges are applied at night and on Sundays)

Video Surveillance: Site Video Protection

You can combine the provision of site guarding by security guards with installing a video surveillance system. It is advisable to supplement human surveillance with video surveillance if necessary but not settle for a video protection system, which may prove insufficient to ensure the site's safety and prevent intrusions and thefts. The deterrent effect of cameras is much less than that of security guards. Ideally, a construction site should be fenced off (even mandatory), placed under video surveillance, and monitored by security guards. Surveillance cameras will only be effective if security guards are present on-site to intervene or if remote surveillance or construction site security services are associated. The teleoperators can send patrol officers to the site very quickly.

Choose Your Type Of Position According To Your Character

As a Security Guard you need to perform different jobs at the same time. Mobile Security jobs necessarily entail rounds and interventions on stationary alarms. You have to be ready to leave at any time to reach the site on alert as quickly as possible. You have to like the action.

While the security services for construction sites are stationary and provide quieter moments. It requires the following:

  • Guarding
  • Landline in businesses and shops
  • Physical access control
  • Remote surveillance, etc.

Why Go For Security Services For Construction Sites?

Thefts and acts of vandalism on construction sites are not isolated events and affect all sectors and departments. Therefore, it is very important to protect your site with a good safety device (a few easily movable barriers will not suffice). The main reason is that this sector is growing!

Choose Your Schedules

As a Security Agent you choose to work more day or night, as per your preferences and your needs. Especially true if you sign a part-time contract for a construction site. With security being a 24/7 service, there are different options available to you when it comes to security, and one can often choose from a variety of shifts.

Oscillating Between Teamwork And Autonomous Working

Working is rewarding and not very restrictive, but it can sometimes be a source of fear when working alone. Indeed, in the field, the Security Officer is brought to find himself alone in intervention on sometimes industrial sites in the middle of the night. Still, he knows that his team is watching over him, knows where he is and is ready to join him there if he calls.

The viewpoint of Security Personnel

With more than 30% growth over the past ten years, the private security sector is experiencing considerable growth. Indeed, the attacks on construction sites have a lot to do with the increase in demand for security. Therefore, becoming a Security Agent is an interesting option given the current job market. But turnover is also another reason. Suppose you apply in a private security company. In that case, you have every chance of quickly finding a job in another company or directly in a structure to be monitored (campsites, companies, etc.)

  • Low pay
  • Variable hours
  • Isolated work; and sometimes in poorly lit, unwelcoming places

People who enter the field of security services for construction sites take their time and plan before entering the field.

Security Guards are currently in high demand and probably always will be since many situations require the presence of Security Guards and the reinforcement of their workforce. It's a career choice that can open many doors for you!

Security Services for Construction Sites Help In Many Ways

One of the main functions of a Security Guard, whatever its field of application (static or mobile), is to protect people and maintain their security, goods, and buildings. Security Officers are ready for emergencies (arrest, response to offenders, fire prevention, first aid, etc.). This type of training can be useful in general life situations, whether or not it is during working hours!


Sometimes the watchful presence of a Security Guard is enough to detect criminals and prevent incidents, making people feel safe and comfortable in their workplace or construction site security services. It is essential to keep things intact for better security.



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