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Your favorite writer just launched another thriller book, but your best friend suggested ordering a world classic, unabridged version from the Booksophile bookselling websites. So, why should you go back in time and order rare, old books from book-selling websites?

This same question was in our minds before we read Paradise Lost, the Call of the Wild, and Beyond Good and Evil.

In an article, Jean-Paul Sartre emphasized that authors shouldn’t think about future generations but write for their own time.

The books of the modern world simply address the challenges of modern life, and that makes it more urgent to read the year’s best books. They not only provide pleasure but also understand 21st-century readers. Not least, you will sleep better knowing that you have done your part to keep up with the current literature and scholars.

While that’s true, we still emphasize people reading old books. Old books are the foundations of learning, gaining familiarity with music, art, and history, and getting acquainted with new languages, cultures, and world literature. These books actually provide the ideas and works that shape human civilization.

So, the question remains, is it important to read old books? Should you order from an old bookstore website?

Yes, not only for the sake of reading but also for developing your vision, for growth, and for improving knowledge. Old books have a personality, and they add to your personality. Today most books are adulterated with dark humor, modern-day chaos, technology, and relationships abuses.

But an old book, particularly the first prints ordered online from book shopping sites like Booksophile, are goldmines for pure literature.

While the main reason for you to read an old book is that you want to read (and it also makes people think that you are smarty-pants), other reasons why you should be reading more books from the previous century are:

  • They enrich with knowledge before the pre-technology era — knowledge that new books won’t have or may not be presented accurately.
  • Reading an 18th-century novel is literally traveling through time. You can jump from 2023 to 1550 in a matter of a few minutes. And you get to play each character in the book and visualize how they lived, loved, and learned.
  • Reading old books take you back to simpler times when things were more than Facetime and creating reels.
  • Old books give an excellent view of a specific period’s social and political construct and people’s behavior, mentality, culture, and literature of an era gone by. Reading one will give you an idea of how things have affected society and social norms today.

Best Place to Buy Books Online

Reading a book means escaping from reality. Old books are no different. Online book shopping sites like Booksophile have thousands of books from the centuries gone by, written by famous authors like Jack Landon and Jane Austin. You can browse and order books online from one of these bookselling websites.

We recommend Booksophile as one of the best site to buy books online because they assure quality and originality.


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