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Early childhood is a vital period because your child is starting to form relationships, connect with their environment, and acquire hobbies that will follow them throughout their lives. Studies and research have repeatedly emphasised the value of early childhood education.

Long-lasting and going beyond the classroom, the influence and lessons are gained. Smoother entry into primary school, greater independence as children grow into adults, and a reduced chance of socio-emotional health issues are a few advantages.

The Sailee International School curriculum  represents a well-thought-out strategy for comprehensive education. To support a child's learning through play, care, and diverse and futuristic learning, there are five key pillars. By developing a child's cognitive, physical, and expressive abilities from an early age, the goal is to hasten their growth. Their sense of cultural awareness, environmental stewardship, and social skills are shaped as a result.

The preschool methodology is combined with the best practises of contemporary education in this award-winning programme.

Quick and eager students using the “Excelerate” programme

Preparation for primary school shouldn't be the only focus of early childhood education.  we emphasise fostering a child's sense of independence so that they grow up to be quick and eager learners. While the majority of preschools around the world recognise the value of early literacy development, we advocate for accelerating these skills. The kids learn language fluency through speaking, listening, reading, and writing while also receiving engaging instruction in numeracy.

Diverse education preserves individuality

The curriculum acknowledges the individuality of every child. Every child's uniqueness should be valued, which is why the thematic learning system was developed. The specially created interactive games and activities aim to develop a child's innate personality and support the steady development of their intellectual abilities.

iPlay software for development in general

For kindergarteners to develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively, they must take part in enjoyable activities. The play strategy used in the curriculum is designed to create the ideal atmosphere for student interaction and learning. Even as they absorb knowledge and incorporate it into their daily life, they are given the opportunity to make decisions regarding their play. This establishes a solid basis for independence and self-management.

Educating pupils about neighbourhood issues

A big element of the curriculum is to educate pupils about their environment and local community. Students learn about the fundamental virtues of compassion, love, and generosity through activities like planting trees and fundraising initiatives. These interactions give the kids a chance to connect with others outside of their immediate group and instill traits that support personality development.

Creating students for the 21st century

Children are introduced to 21st century learning methodologies through the Future-Ready programme. By active engagement, the curriculum uses a dynamic, practical approach to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), while also fostering creativity and critical thinking.

These are the opinions of parents.

The testimonials provided by the parents, who “commended the school's initiatives,” can be used to determine the program's success, particularly amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that caused homeschooling.

I'd want to commend the school for taking the wise step of educating the parents before beginning classes for the pupils. Thank you in particular to the professors who are guiding us around-the-clock, says Neha patil, whose son and daughter both attend NIOS colleges in andheri .

Another father, ravindra pandya , expresses his gratitude to his son's teacher for facilitating the smooth transition to online sessions.

“The classes are run in a methodical, extremely punctual, and well-organized manner. Even though it is, we still find it to be quite handy, pleasant, and effective.completed online and may notice positive results in our son's capacity for learning,” the father claims.

Education that is holistic goes beyond the classroom.

Children benefit from holistic education by learning about themselves, the world around them, and how to think critically. The children have higher levels of confidence, greater communication skills, and high levels of resilience when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

Students that thrive in academics, sports, the visual and performing arts, personality development, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership, universal value and ethics, community and care, and skill development broaden their horizons in learning as they advance.

The  holistic education framework, which is a balanced, cutting-edge, adaptable, and age-appropriate strategy for student development, is used  to help children develop into all-rounders. Even as the pandemic persists, this strategy is being used in and outside of classrooms.

The goal of Sailee International School is your child's comprehensive development and intensive growth across the board.

Please feel free to get in touch with us or our admissions team if you have any questions, our early childhood education programme.


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