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Dental implants are used to replace a tooth that has been lost due to tooth decay, age, or hereditary reasons. Mini dental implants are the new advancement in the field of cosmetic dentistry that is nothing but a smaller version of dental implants. Here we will discuss dental crowns which are commonly used dental implants to accommodate a missing tooth. These implants consist of two parts, the first part being a base or root that is anchored to the jawbone and the second part called a crown which is shaped like a tooth. The root or base is made of titanium and the crown is made of ceramic. Read more here about dental implant marketing.

Why is titanium used for dental implants? The first part of the dental implant anchored in the jawbone is made of titanium and has the shape of a screw. Titanium is a light metal that is inert and therefore does not react with chemicals. The good thing about this metal is that it bonds easily to real bone. This process of integrating the artificial and loaded implant into the natural bone is called osseointegration. What makes it a suitable choice is that it has a tremendous ability to bond well with natural bone and form a bond that can be relied upon. Due to the fact that this metal does not consist of living tissues or particles, they are accepted by the body without the risk of rejection by the body.

It also has the property of being a metal compatible with oral tissue and bone. It is available in the market in four varieties, which can be distinguished based on their iron and carbon content. But lately, grade 5 titanium is also used for this purpose.

A beneficial fact about this type of titanium is that it is stronger and more break-resistant than the other types. The above-mentioned property is characteristic of titanium and hydroxyapatite, and these materials have advanced and advanced medical science and have been of many applications such as dental implants and joint replacement techniques.

The Process: The process of fixation of this implant occurs in two parts. In the first part, the titanium piece or the root is anchored in the jawbone. Then comes the phase where it is allowed to heal and fuse with the real bone and the bone is allowed to grow over the titanium root. Titanium plays the role of a good base for the ceramic crown, which is shaped like a tooth and looks just like the other teeth in the row. During the time that the titanium root is healing, the dentist places a temporary crown over it to ensure stability, and a new and permanent crown is placed once the root gains stability.


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