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Why wait times for surrogates in Canada are always high?

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Surrogacy is when a woman agrees to carry a baby for another person or couple who can't have a child themselves. Besides, when they cannot find the required services in their own country, many couples opt for surrogacy in another nation. This is where surrogacy in Canada comes in as a viable option for most of these couples and individuals.

Also, in Canada, finding a surrogate can take a long time, often years. Besides, many people wonder why this waiting time is so long. In the coming parts of this article, we will look into the key reasons in the same regard. Besides, we will talk about why a higher waiting time may not be the right indication for validating the quality of healthcare services in Canada.

High Demand, Low Supply

Firstly, the demand for surrogates is much higher than the number of women willing to be surrogates in Canada. Besides, lots of people need help to have a baby for many reasons. Also, some women can't carry a baby due to medical problems. Similarly, people looking for same sex surrogacy in Canada also need a surrogate to have a child. On the other hand, becoming a surrogate is a big decision. That said, it takes a lot of time and energy, and not many women are ready or able to take that step. 

Strict Laws and Guidelines

The surrogacy laws in Canada are quite strict than any other country. For example, you can't pay a woman to be your surrogate. Besides, she can only get money to cover the costs related to the pregnancy, like medical bills. Because they can't be paid extra, fewer women may choose to be surrogates.

Moreover, surrogate mother cost in Canada doesn’t exist given the non-commercial nature of the procedure. So, not many women show their interest in indulging in any such arrangement within the country.

Time-Consuming Tests and Legal Stuff

Before a woman can become a surrogate, she has to go through many checks. Also, doctors do health tests to make sure she can carry a baby safely. Moreover, there are also psychological tests to ensure she is mentally ready. At the same time, lawyers are also involved in creating legal agreements between the surrogate and the parents-to-be. That said, all these steps take time, making the waiting period for the surrogates longer.

Matching Process

Finding the right match between a surrogate and the intended parents isn't a simple process. That said, both parties need to agree on many things, like how they'll handle the pregnancy and what will happen at the birth. Moreover, sometimes people meet a potential surrogate but realize later that they don't agree on important things. When that happens, they have to start the search all over again, which takes more time.

This is more usual in arrangements including same sex surrogacy in Canada where the expectations of intended parents are quite unique. 

Cultural and Social Beliefs

Some people believe that surrogacy is wrong for religious or personal reasons. Moreover, these beliefs can make women less willing to become surrogates, which again leads to fewer choices for those who need one.

Word of Mouth and Social Networks

A lot of surrogacy connections happen through word of mouth or social networks. Besides, some people find a family member or friend willing to be a surrogate, but that's not an option for everyone. Hence, for those who don't have such connections, the search can be much longer.

This is where most of the individuals and couples connect with random surrogacy agency in Canada. That way, they need not to worry about anything, be it the surrogate mother or the donor, when and wherever required. 

Special Cases Need More Time

Sometimes, the reason for needing a surrogate is complicated. For example, if the intended parents have a rare medical issue, finding a surrogate who is comfortable with the situation may take longer. These special cases can make the waiting period even longer for some people. Moreover, the intended parents connect with the surrogacy agency in Canada for their specific needs and that comes along with its own policies.

The COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic also made things slower. That said, many clinics had to close or limit their services for some time. Besides, travel restrictions made it hard for international parents-to-be to come to Canada. So, we can say that all these factors added more time to the waiting period.

Why longer wait times for the surrogate isn’t always bad?

Having to wait a long time for a surrogate can be hard, but it's not all bad. Moreover, the long process helps make sure that everything is done properly and safely. Also, it makes sure that the surrogate mother is properly screened and assessed for any physical or mental health issues. Besides, it also gives time to the legal professionals to assess that everything is been done according to surrogacy laws in Canada. So, we can say that this extra waiting time is not always bad and may come helpful for the overall success of the surrogacy program.

Final words

Higher waiting times for surrogate mother in Canada may come due to the reasons listed above. Still, this may not always come as a trouble for the intended parents. Given the critical aspects involved in the procedure like the medical fitness of the surrogate, the wait times may also come helpful at times. 


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