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Mobile app development is continuously developing in the field of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare mobile application is continuously providing service to improve patient outcomes by the intent of helping them to manage their medical condition, insurance claims, hospital visits, fitness goals, health tracking, telemedicine, Appointment management, lab report review and many more.

It is assumed that the healthcare market will grow in the coming years at a global level.  On the other hand, patients love healthcare apps. In a survey, almost 70% said that they would prefer doctors to use mHealth apps. On the other hand, doctors also consider the same. The usage of healthcare apps is growing daily. Almost 70% of the medical students said that they use one medical app daily to know their health condition.

Why build your own healthcare app?

As we are one of the top healthcare app development companies we can recommend you to build your own solution. From our experience, we can say that patient interact more with the hospital which has more technology or a system

Around 60%-65% of people have an mHealth app in their devices to know their daily body related issues and for fitness. 

The market of healthcare apps is there and patients are ready for the change of service because it becomes easy for them to consult any doctor of their voice from price range to reviews they can choose by just holding a device.

Other reasons are healthcare apps are remotely accessible, good support to doctors, risk reduction, enhancing the health analysis, and most important of all that it is cost saving.

Types of Healthcare application

1. Professional solution provider

2. Health and fitness management 

3. Chronic care 

4. Medication management 

5. Meditation app

6. Female health app

7. Patient monitoring app

8. Dieting app

9. Mental health app

Trends in Healthcare app development

1.Telemedicine service

2.IoT in healthcare

3.AI in Healthcare

4.Blockchain in healthcare

5.Health insurance company as a channel 

Step by step creation of healthcare mobile app

1. Brainstorming the idea and creating a strategy

Before anything, the goal of creating the app should be clear, and the key to turning your app idea into reality and knowing what problem your healthcare app will solve after development.

There are thousands of healthcare apps in the market and all are not different from each other and many of them are ignored due to a lack of market strategy and research.

Make a research in the market, take a look and see what is working and what is not, which kind of apps are helpful to people and can benefit you and which can not, and how you can provide solutions to people's health problems.

People are more into fitness and apps which are giving solutions about it like weight loss or fitness tracker or related to diet are growing more and people are interested in it if these apps are giving solutions to them.

Study your competitors and try to outperform them because once you are clear what solution your app will be providing them find out your competition who are providing the same service and analyze them and find out where they are lacking and what is the loophole of their app.

2. Monetization of the app and Targeted Areas

After brainstorming the idea, how to monetize the app to earn a profit. If you have a look at the play store the other applications or games are all free to download but they are earning from advertisements and some basic features are provided to use the app and for advanced features, you have to pay for the app. So the same approach should be applied rather than charging for the app. 

Basically in healthcare apps, monetization can be done by providing subscriptions if you have built a solid application that provides needed solutions. But the overall suggestion is always to stay away from paid apps.

Before creating an app always have a look at the area which you want to target more.

For example, The USA, UK, and Germany have a more attractive size.

An important point is to analyze the market and the environment of the market where your healthcare app can kick-off and have a good market.

3. Validation of application with medical professionals and patient

So after all the process of market analyses, strategy building, and HIPAA rules you should carry out market research or surveys to people and medical professionals.

Questions should be mentioned in surveys about problems and whether this app can solve that problem or not. Remember that the more you will do market research the more your app will be better and push faster. 

You can know what features the customer wants and you can easily develop apps without any issue in the middle which will save you time.

4. Design and Platform of development 

Today's customer wants a great user experience but most of the healthcare apps fail in this category.

To build apps with good digital representation one should hire a Top Mobile app development company like us as we have years of experience in building healthcare apps.

Another step is on which platform you want your app on iOS, Android, or both?

The answer lies in what are your requirements and what are your resources.

Rather than building two apps for two different devices, Native for Android and iOS is the best platform and provides a great user experience.

Cross-platform frameworks are available like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, etc which are faster and have a single code base so that it saves time and money.

5. Determine the Approach

Before development, it should be clear what will be the approach of the app and how it will be landed like going all-in or incrementally.

Minimum viable product(MVP) has all the basic core functions of the app, has all features, and also has nice features that can be added in the future.

Many successful applications like Uber, Airbnb, Instagram, Facebook, etc are MVP.

It is simple to start building with a simple app development version and align it with time and improve it incrementally.

6. Connection with EMRS and EHRS

All the healthcare or mHealth application should connect with EMR and EHR 

EMR is electronic medical records that have all the data of the patient of medical treatment and history in one practice. It can track data easily, can check patients at certain points, and can improve the quality of care.

EHR electronic health records focus on the overall health of the patient. It is designed to create and compile electronic data and to share with other healthcare providers like laboratories, specialists, etc so they contain information about the patient's care.

7. Stay ahead of the next-gen technology

The major issue of healthcare technology is that it is not able to handle the rapid growth of technology. You should ensure that your app can match the growing tech over time.

For example, AI in healthcare, IoT in healthcare, VR in healthcare, Blockchain in healthcare, etc are the rapidly growing technologies in Healthcare and your app gets into this technology.

8. Testing of Application

The testing of apps should not have any error or issue and should be done with care. The bar of safety, quality, security in healthcare is quite high and should be taken care of in testing before launching it on the play store.

These are the 4 main parts that should be perfectly tested:

1. Data security

2. Data privacy 

3. Usability of app

4. Performance of the app 

So, after reading this you will have an idea of the process of how a healthcare app is built and what are the steps for creating a healthcare app and how it is useful according to growing use of healthcare trends and world trends. As technologies and trends change on a daily basis much older technologies can't stay for a longer time period, so one has to grow according to time and tech.



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