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Why Won’t My Brother Printer Print? [Solved]

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You just sat at your work desk, got all your paper done, and assigned your printer to a print command, but nothing happened? You are not alone; A lot of people face all sorts of issues with all sorts of devices every day. Electronic devices, in general, are very unpredictable; you can never know when your shining-all-new printer will stop working. Even a new device in good condition can stop working. That’s why a little bit of troubleshooting knowledge comes in handy.

So, in this blog, along with solving the “Why won’t my Brother printer Print” problem, we take a detailed look at other similar issues so that you can have your tools ready for the next time.

Let’s get straight into the cheesy stuff now.

Why do Printers Stop Printing?

Before getting straight into the troubleshooting section, it is fair to understand the breaking mechanism of printers and other electronic devices in general. There may be various reasons why printer break. Some of these reasons include the following:

Rough Usage

Rough usage is, most often than not, the reason behind electronics being broken. People take care of their devices till a week after, and after that, they just don’t care. Letting them plugged in all day, dropping them, and handling liquids near them. All of these things don’t let the printer last long.

Frequent Power Surges

However smart the devices have become, they are still not immune to frequent power surges. If you have something wrong with a certain power switch or your whole electrical system in general, then you are risking your device as well as your life.

Computer Viruses

You might be wondering, what do computer viruses have to do this breaking the printer? Well, there is a relation. Computer viruses can infect your system, thus corrupting the programs such as drivers necessary for printers’ function. Thus, causing the printer to break, but not in a literal sense.

Unknown Reasons

In this world, things sometimes break for no visible reason. You might be the one who takes good care of your devices, but they still can break.

Now that you know why your devices break, let’s get into the “printer not printing” problem.

Solutions to Brother Printer is not Printing Error

Check if the printer is receiving power

If your printer is receiving power, but you can’t initiate the print, then skip this section.

You are here; it is intuitive that you must have checked that. Who knows, the outlet you use the printer to connect with might not be working. Connect the printer plug to a different switch, who knows, there might be a problem with the switch.

Now check if you have any broken, burnt, or disconnected cables. If any of the cables doesn’t seem the way they should be, then you might consider replacing them.

Check if the Printer is connected to the computer

One of the reasons why your printer is not printing despite being on is it is not connected to any device. Check if the cable that connects the printer to the computer is right and intact. If you are using a wireless network, then you might want to verify if both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Check if your printer is set to default

For some reason, you might have made a different printer your default printer. Check if that is the case. If that is the case, set your Brother printer as your default printer.

Do the same by navigating through the control panel.

Launch the control panel, and head over to the “Hardware and Devices” tab. After doing that, click “View Devices and printers.”

Locate your Brother printer, and assure that the Brother printer is your Default printer, right-click and click “Set to default.”

Check if the Printer Drivers are working fine

Corrupt drivers might be the reason why your printer is not behaving the way it should. Not only corrupt drivers but out-of-date drivers sometimes are the main culprit. These drivers might get corrupted due to various reasons, your computer is probably infected by viruses, or you might have deleted some files accidentally.

Check if the drivers are good by navigating through the device manager by right-clicking the “This PC” icon and selecting “manage.” Right-click on the driver and choose “update” or “Uninstall.” If you choose to Uninstall them, then you will have to reinstall them from Brother’s official website.

Do this if Nothing Works

You did everything we said, along with some tips your tech-geek friend gave. And if nothing worked, then you know what to do. It is time to call the technician then. There may be an unknown, more advanced issue that needs an expert to fix. We recommend you take an expert’s advice.


There may be multiple reasons why your devices break; we started by discussing a few of them briefly. Then we moved on to the main section, i.e., “Brother printing is not printing,” where we talked about a few reasons and also guided you through the solution. Finally, we recommend that you take an expert’s advice. We hope this “Why Won’t My Brother Printer Print” blog provided the value you were looking for and that you were able to solve your issue. If that is the case, you can consider checking out our other blogs. If you did not like anything specific about the blog, you might also consider writing to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do printers last?

Printers typically last from 3–5 years. However, this is a thumb rule, so you need to keep that in mind. Your printer might last a decade, or it might fail within a year. You will never know what will happen to yours. It is important to keep good care of electronics to make them last longer.

Can I leave the printer on all the time?

Yes, you may leave your printer on all the time, but why would you want to? If you are leaving your printer on for no strong reason, then you might want to switch it off instead. Switching off when not in use save electricity and also makes the printer last long.

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