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As a biotechnology or a pharmaceutical company, your on-site capabilities for clinical development may be limited. From small firms to large firms, there are always gaps that need to be bridged. Whether it’s regulatory compliance hurdles or challenges in early clinical development, your company may encounter significant roadblocks that could prevent continued work on any given project. Therefore, you’re faced with a choice: continue internally—even if you’re not fully equipped to do so—or partner with a contract research organization. Electing not to work with a CRO can come with many pitfalls that may ultimately cause delay to your drug development. Here are the reasons why partnering with a CRO for your next drug development project is invaluable.

The On-Going Challenge of Regulatory Compliance

Throughout the drug development cycle, your organization may find it difficult to navigate certain aspects. One of those areas could be regulatory requirements during each stage of development. With governmental oversight, laws, and regulations continually evolving, it can be challenging to keep up to date on regulatory requirements. Working with a CRO helps overcome this challenge, particularly when moving from one phase of development to the next. This is especially true for initiating your first in human clinical trials, which requires the submission of an investigational new drug application (IND).

Cost and Resource Management

Partnering with a CRO is the most cost-effective solution when managing your drug development project. From regulatory paperwork to conducting clinical trials, a full-service CRO will have the scientific and operational resources to make it all happen. A pharmaceutical or biotechnology company may not have the facilities, staff, testing equipment, access to a robust participant database and other specific resources to conduct certain clinical trials. Still, the question of whether or not to invest in these resources internally may arise. However, if your company lacks clinical research facilities, it can prove costly to develop an in-house solution. Partnering with a clinical research organization helps mitigate many of these costs, allowing you to retain your focus without spreading resources too thin, not to mention handling logistics.

Personnel and Participants

One of the biggest reasons to work with a CRO comes down to people. This means for staff to manage all aspects of the clinical trials and to ensure the recruitment of participants to participate on studies. Working with a trusted CRO provides solutions for these needs. The CRO should have experts to help facilitate and guide your company in the process. The right CRO will also have access to a robust participant database to ensure recruitment and retention during your trials. Finding participants for your trials can prove to be time-consuming and costly, so your partnership with a dedicated CRO is vital. In short, a CRO can help connect you with the expert personnel and participants you need to move forward with your trials, netting you invaluable data necessary to move to the phases of your drug development program.

About Altasciences

With over 25 years of research experience, Altasciences is a mid-sized drug development solution company. Thanks to their innovative approach, Altasciences has built a foundation that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have come to rely on. With tailor-made program roadmaps, clients are guided through the drug development process, from lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept, and beyond. Altasciences possesses expertise in a wide range of study types and therapeutic indications in early clinical development, with key experience in first in human clinic trials, CNS clinical trials and ethnobridging. Altasciences maintains several phase 1 clinical trial units across North America, making their services and resource base accessible. Those resources include a highly trained and experienced staff, along with access to over 580 beds and more than 400,000 potential participants in their database. For sponsors in need of dedicated and integrated CRO/CDMO services, Altasciences is the perfect choice for drug development.

Learn more about the extensive resource base offered by Altasciences at https://www.altasciences.com/

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