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Most veterinarians, dog owners, and dog trainers object strongly to the idea of free-feeding canine pets.  Below are some reasons why scheduled meals are preferred over free-feeding:

Keeping Pet Food Fresh

If you leave kibble products out the entire day, they might lose the aroma.  Your pet might dislike this stale food as it does not smell as fresh as it should and might be finicky about consuming it.

Because of this, some dog owners put the kibble product in an airtight and sealed container so that freshness is preserved.  Also, food that gets left out in the open might end up attracting pests like bugs or rodents.

Then there are also dogs that are fed a home-cooked diet, raw food items, or canned food products.  If you feed your pet these kinds of food items, then free-feeding is not recommended because these kinds of food items quickly spoil.

When you leave food out the entire day, it might be difficult to tell the amount of food that your dog has consumed.  Knowing the amount of food consumed by your pet could help you determine his health status.  You can tell right away if your pet is not feeling well when he does not have the appetite to eat during these scheduled mealtimes.

Your pet’s diet is one of the important concerns that you should discuss with your animal hospital Columbia MD during your pet’s wellness checks.


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