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Why You Need a Custom Floral Cooler for Your Floral Business

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Specialized floral coolers are specifically designed by keeping the delicate qualities of flowers and plants in mind. Compared to commercial refrigerators, floral coolers are designed to maintain high humidity, low temperatures, and gentle air flow to preserve the delicate petals and stems of the flowers. 


How Are Floral Coolers Different from Regular Refrigerators?


Flowers require gentle airflow, cool temperatures, and high humidity levels to remain fresh and beautiful. You can not simply use a regular commercial refrigerator to store flowers, because unlike other kinds of refrigerators, floral coolers are specifically designed to create these conditions to preserve flowers. 


Floral coolers are different from regular refrigerators in a number of ways:

  • Humidity Levels

Floral coolers maintain optimum levels of humidity and moisture for flowers. Depending on the type of flowers and plants you are storing, the humidity settings can change between 80% to 95%. This high humidity level is required to protect flowers and plants so that they remain attractive and fresh until the customers purchase them and bring them home. Standard commercial refrigerators do not work for flowers because they maintain a low-humidity environment to keep foods fresh, because high humidity will quickly make foods stale. 

  • Temperature 

Floral coolers maintain cool temperatures around 33-35 degrees to preserve the life of flowers. Temperature and humidity control monitoring systems help make sure the floral cooler is working properly to keep flowers fresh. Floral coolers maintain temperatures that are cool compared to summer days, but not the same temperature as commercial refrigerators.  

  • Air Flow

Floral coolers maintain a consistent low-velocity airflow that does not let the flowers dry out. These floral coolers have low-velocity evaporator coils that maintain gentle airflow. Conversely, commercial refrigerators create rapid airflow to maintain low humidity levels. The high-speed airflow can cause premature dehydration of the flowers.


Should You Buy a Floral Cooler?


If you are an owner of a flower shop, a floral cooler is a necessity. Proper presentation of your flowers is an essential part of your business. You want to keep flowers fresh, attractive, and vividly colorful as long as you can. Specialized floral coolers can display your flowers beautifully, and maintain gentle airflow, humidity, and cool temperatures for your flowers. Invest in the right floral cooler for the success of your floral business!

Floral refrigerators play a crucial role in preserving flowers and flowers especially if you are having a floral business. These refrigerators function in a different way as compared to commercial refrigerators with the aim of keeping the flowers fresh.


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