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As the year winds down, your work probably starts to ramp up. Companies and businesses everywhere know how important it is to finish out the year strong. You know what it’s like to work hard to support your office. Now you need a purse for work that supports you. The right bag can help you end the year on a high note and crush your end-of-the-year goals. Here’s how.

When Meetings Fill Your Day, You’ll Love the Extra Storage Space

As the holidays approach, every company knows the thrill and excitement of the busy season. Throughout this time of year, you probably have a lot more meetings than usual, and that’s where a work travel bag comes in. The best ones have all the space you need to carry the essentials to all your meetings. From a laptop sleeve to a roomy, black and white checkered interior for increased visibility, a traveler bag with a lot of space is a must-have when work picks up.

Organization Is Critical for You and Your Business

As such an essential piece of the business, you know how vital organization is. You want everything to run smoothly, especially during the busy fourth quarter. While helping the company stay organized, your bag can do the same for you. Look for a work purse with various pockets and compartments so you can keep your pens, business cards, notebooks, and phone all where they need to be. When you need something, you can easily find it. No more pausing meetings to find something to take notes, and no more missing calls because of a phone buried in your purse.

A Good Bag Keeps You Comfortable While You’re Crushing Goals

You can’t forget comfort during the busiest time of the year. There’s no rule that says you can’t feel good while you’re smashing goals and crushing expectations. Your work bag for women can help you stay comfortable no matter how busy it gets. Look for a purse with padded straps reinforced to handle heavy weight. That way, you can feel your best no matter how many meetings you have or how long your work day feels. In the end, thanks to your work bag, you’ll still have the energy and strength to keep up your stellar performance.

Switching From Work to Play and Back Again Is Easy

What’s work without a little play to balance it out? The best way to get through busy times at the office is by making sure you still make time for yourself. This time of the year, it might seem trickier to accomplish, but your designer work purse can be just what you need. A bag with a ventilated shoe compartment and enough space for a change of clothes means you can fit a trip to the gym into your lunch. You can slip your favorite book into your tote for some reading on your break. You can even fit a tablet into the best handbags to watch an episode of your favorite show or play a game. Work needs balance, and the best designer bag can help you find it, even when business gets busy.


In the professional world, you need a designer work satchel that keeps pace. JEMMA doesn’t miss a beat. From keeping you organized to looking exceptional, a bag from JEMMA can more than keep up. Known for their distinctive style and practicality, JEMMA is your source for the quintessential work bag. You’ll find exquisite detailing in every purse or traveler bag, from the quality stitching to the use of ethically sourced materials like sustainably produced Italian leather and nylon, as well as regenerated nylon made from recycled plastics. Each bag is made with you in mind. They’re comfortable, with padded and reinforced straps. They’re practical, with the pockets and compartments you need to stay organized. And they look fabulous, featuring timeless looks that pair with any ensemble. Find the luxury work bag that speaks to you with JEMMA.

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