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Picture this: you hit a less-than-perfect drive on a par 5 hole, and you can’t decide between a long iron and a 3 wood for your next shot.

Why not have the best of both worlds?

Hybrid golf clubs take that spot in your bag right between your 3 wood and 4 iron while offering some unique benefits you can’t find with any other club. It’s a must-have in any golfer’s bag for a few reasons.

A Good Hybrid Is Easier to Hit Than Traditional Long Irons

You might instinctively reach for a long iron when lining up a long shot off the fairway. But consider your previous attempts with these clubs. If they aren’t exactly your forte, you don’t want to risk a mishit and shank a ball into the rough while still 200 yards away.

That’s why you have a hybrid.

Hybrids offer more forgiveness and are easier to hit than traditional long irons. A hybrid with a high loft and forgiving features like a larger high-speed face will have you putting on the green in no time.

Get More Distance Out of Shots From the Rough

Going from the tee box to the rough used to set you way back. Not with a hybrid in your bag.

Because you hit down with a hybrid, similar to how you’d swing an iron, it can cut through the tall grass of the rough. In contrast, a fairway wood's wider sole and heavier head can get caught up in the obstructions. The best hybrids can help you get out of the rough on the first swing while providing the distance you need to get back to par.

Find More Forgiveness with a Larger Sweet Spot

The hybrid combines some of the best features of clubs above and below it for maximum forgiveness.

The wide club face and bigger head remind you of drivers and fairway woods, while the shorter shaft is similar to an iron and provides maximum control. Together, these details make hybrids an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their accuracy.

Plus, if you get fitted for custom golf clubs, you can increase the forgiveness of your hybrids even more. By fine-tuning the weighting of the clubhead, the length and material of the shaft, and even the loft of the hybrid, you get a club that fits your swing perfectly.

Hybrids Are Even Great for Chipping

Once you get close to the green, it’s time to put the hybrid away for the rest of the hole, right?

Not exactly.

A hybrid can be a chip-and-run machine when playing from the far side of the green.

You’ll stand almost like you’re putting and swing your hybrid with a smooth and controlled motion, mainly in your shoulders. This shot will have your ball up and rolling on the green in no time. Using your hybrid can help when a wedge might only increase your chances of a bad hit.

As you can see, the hybrid brings a lot of benefits to your bag, and it might become your go-to club for everything between the tee box and the green.

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