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Why you need an Extended Warranty for your Motorcycle or Scooter

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Motorcycling is an expensive affair as these lovely machines need considerable funds for repair and maintenance.  Your motorcycle or scooter should be covered by a warranty in order to avoid huge costs in a breakdown situation. During the time of purchase, all motorbikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If that expires, you can procure an extended warranty in order to protect it from glitches in the future.

Bearing in mind that your vehicle is likely to get repaired after the manufacturer warranty lapses, one must think of getting an extended warranty coverage. If you wish to avail the best extended warranty for your then think then VOC Automotive – the best bike service in Bangalore is the right choice for your motorbike or scooter.

If you are a person who wishes to get things done without wasting time, then the extended warranty will be of great help. Timely service by an authorised workshop by skilled and experienced manpower will keep your bike in shape and also give you peace of mind.

Genuine spares are used every time some part has to be replaced. Even if the bike were to be swapped with a new model, spare parts and updates will be delivered at authorised service centre. Also, roadside help is not often found with the warranty. This is another bother with company provided warranty.

two-wheeler’s extended warranty has the following USPs:

  • The majority parts are covered at a bare minimum cost
  • Dependable and genuine spare parts
  • Easy network reach at your fingertips
  • Service by proficient technicians
  • 70+ standard parts covered
  • Quick and efficient quality replacement up to 1 / 2 years
  • Major replacements in the subscription = tremendous cost savings
  • Top service standards adhered to
  • Peace of mind as coverage applicable across VOC Automotive networks pan India
  • Enhances resale value
  • Easily transferable, if the vehicle changes hands

Exclusive warranty offered by VOC Automotive – the best bike service in Bangalore, to protect the cost of replacements of your two-wheelers parts, subject to terms and conditions. The parts that are included: Cylinder head, Cam chain / Tension, Cylinder, Oil pump, Generator, Crank case, Crank shaft / Piston, Transmission, Gear shift, Brakes, Fuel cock, Gauge fuel, CDI Unit, Ignition coil, Rectifier comb, Regulator, power relay, Flasher unit, ECU, all sensors, Swing arm, Actuators, throttle body, Injector, ISG, HECU, and ESAI.

The VOC Automotive assurance guarantees that all the customers get the same trouble-free, cost-effective, and premium service all over the nation. Well-thought subscription plans and digitally-enabled subscription options have been curated and designed for our customers. VOC Automotive arranges time-effective, quick servicing solutions, with perfect quality at every service. This has proven to be way better than the traditional service model. Mulling on servicing your two-wheeler? Think no further than VOC Automotive – the best bike service centre in Bangalore!



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