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A photo is worth a thousand words, yet in the age of social media, we sometimes need more than a thousand words — or even more than a thousand pictures. That's why custom shirts are so perfect for social media. A printed shirt sends the message that you're fine with your current state, whereas wearing a custom shirt conveys confidence and a belief that things can be better.

Buying a custom shirt is better because when people look at you and your custom shirt, they see your personality. A printed shirt is just that — printed with a logo or phrase. The difference between a custom shirt and a printed shirt is that the former have you written all over it.

There's a new trend in custom clothing that you may not have heard of before. Custom printed t-shirts, or custom printed clothing as it's sometimes called, are quickly becoming an affordable and cost-effective way for businesses large and small to get started with customized or branded clothing.

The advantage of ordering custom shirts is a better fit, save money and they can stand out from the crowd. A printed shirt has its place but there are times that a custom shirt is the better choice.

Custom Polo T-Shirts Suppliers are made to order — when someone orders a custom shirt, it is made specifically for that individual based on their specifications. Printed shirts are mass-produced in large quantities and have no personalization at all. The main difference is that printed shirts are not customized for anyone; each shirt is exactly the same as every other one of its kind. For example, if you buy a shirt from your local department store, it has been printed by machine with a design that was created by someone else and then mass-produced in a factory somewhere else in the world.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Custom Shirt Instead Of A Printed Shirt

1. You Get To Choose The Material

A custom shirt is made from high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear. Printed shirts are usually made from cheap materials, which do not last long. Custom shirts can be made using cotton, silk and wool, while printed shirts are usually made from polyester or blends of synthetic fibres.

2. You Get To Choose The Design

Custom shirts allow you to choose the design, color and size of your shirt in accordance with your preference. Printed shirts come in only a few standard designs and colors and they don't have any flexibility in terms of size choices. Sometimes you may also find that some printed shirts have low-quality logos printed on them, which may not last for long. However, if you buy a custom-made shirt you can get it printed with your company's name or logo so that it will always be visible on your shirt when worn by you or other employees of your company.

3. The Fit

A custom shirt will fit your body perfectly, while printed shirts often come in one size and shape. If you have an athletic or large build, it’s unlikely that you will find a printed shirt that fits well. A custom shirt is made specifically for your body type and shape, so it will always look good on you!

4. Your Shirt Will Last Longer

Printed shirts tend to fade after just one wash cycle because they use less expensive fabrics and dyes that don’t hold up well over time. Custom shirts are made with better materials that stand up to multiple items of washing without fading or losing their shape or color. That means your custom shirt will last longer than your printed one!


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