Why ?you should choose Col Brown boarding school in Dehradun for your kids

When searching for schools for kids, many parents often get into the dilemma of choosing a boarding school. If boarding schools are selected for the kids' education, parents need to consider the benefits offered by the boarding schools over the regular day-schools. Whether boarding schools are the right choice for kids? Parents must find the answer to this question before making a decision. Dehradun is referred to as the hub of boarding schools in India. Located in Uttarakhand, India, Dehradun is globally acclaimed for its boarding schools and excellence in education and teaching facilities. You will come across multiple options in boarding schools in Dehradun, of which Col Brown Boarding School is one of the popular choices for many good reasons.    

Below you will come across with some valid reasons to enroll your kids into the Col Brown Boarding School and why it is the best choice for socialization and upbringing of your kids. 

Advanced Learning

The Col Brown Boarding School is the best option if you want to give your kids a head start to education and academics. The educational institute follows the global educational standard. From teachers to educators and working staff, everyone is highly professional, educated, and experienced in their respective fields. They know how to deliver knowledge and education to young talents. Besides, the school authority develops a robust learning environment that challenges and stimulates the kids to unveil the world of discovery, satisfaction, and accomplishment, both in academics and personal life.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Sports

Col Brown Boarding School in Dehradun is acclaimed for imparting global standard education and giving significance to the sports events and extracurricular activities. They believe that all these activities work towards the students' betterment and act as the basic foundation for the holistic development of the students. 


Col Brown Boarding School is the top residential school in India that attracts culturally diversified students from across the nation and world. Apart from offering local students the opportunity to study, it also attracts students from other cultures to offer a culturally diverse environment. 

24/7 Supervision

At Col Brown Boarding School, students are likely to receive 24/7 personalized supervision and guidance, along with mentoring from the professional staff and teachers. The personalized mentoring helps the students to develop holistically and also support them in transition into adolescence easily. The boarding school is supported and backed by the highly reliable and trustworthy academic staff and trained professionals experienced in handling each student's psychological and social aspects in their growing years. 

Better Infrastructure 

Col Brown Boarding School is one of the top residential schools acclaimed for its world-class education facility and sprawling infrastructure. It includes a science lab, well-developed libraries, updated audiovisual rooms, spacious computer labs, and event halls for the students' performances. They have the best infrastructure for developing the students and supporting them in having a better learning environment.

Socialization for Kids

Socialization is essential and important for the holistic development of your kid. However, today's people prefer leading a nuclear family culture where the kids in society can’t achieve socialization. These kids always lack socialization ability when exposed to other kids or groups. So, Col Brown Boys Boarding School in Dehradun offers a unique culture to make the kid experience a social environment. It helps them to manage their stuff and become good at socializing with other students. The administration, faculty, and students in the boarding school create a unique substitute for the family together. It helps students develop a sense of community and freely socialize with others in the group. 

Highly Disciplined 

The students that study at the boarding school like Col Brown Boarding School are highly trained and disciplined. All students are offered the best education at the school and support them to become responsible and disciplined individuals in life. The boarding school's professional staff educates the students to maintain a strict timetable and routine and do all their stuff with discipline like a responsible person. 

Art Facilities

Col Brown Boarding School offers the students with different creative activities to support them in their holistic development. It includes music, dance, fine arts, theatre, and other artistic activities. The students are introduced to creative activities and things that help them develop unique skills and interests in different hobbies. So, students can become experts in all the activities when they grow up to be responsible citizens. 

Unique Education Patterns 

The education patterns at Col Brown Boarding School are holistic and improvising. Every student is unique, and they need personalized attention and upbringing with special care. All working staff and educators at the boarding school ensure special attention and care to every student with detailed information and world-class education quality. It helps the students not only to excel academically but also to excel in their professional and personal life.

 Lifelong Bonding and Friendship 

A boarding school like Col Brown Boarding School allows the students to develop a lifelong connection and relationship with the administration, teachers, and other students. Since the boarding school promotes teamwork and character development via 24/7 support and one-on-one guidance, students get the opportunity to develop lifelong bonds and friendships that last for years to come. 

Above all, Dehradun is the city known for its pleasing climate. It is one reason students are attracted to this city for quality education and the best boarding facility. It experiences less rainfall compared to other hill stations, and hence it has emerged to be a destination for students that are looking for quality education, and Col Brown Boarding School promises to deliver global standard education to each student. So, enroll your kid at this boarding school today for a brighter and pleasant career and world-class education. You may check more information about the admission procedure and other details about the boarding school at the official website of Col Brown Boarding School. The website offers comprehensive details regarding the admission process, and parents would find all the relevant details they are looking for about the boarding school. Based on the information provided in this article, choosing a boarding school is always a wonderful decision. 


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Written by Anjali sinha

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