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Why You Should Consider Using Third Party AWS Monitoring Software

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For optimal performance of AWS services, businesses often have to resort to third-party monitoring tools. While managing AWS cloud infrastructure isn’t necessarily too difficult to manage, AWS Monitoring Services such as Amazon Cloudwatch offers easy to use monitoring solutions that can automatically integrate with AWS systems, provide vital resource data and generate automated AWS records. 

AWS Monitoring services also provides key metrics which can help you track your memory usage and the functionality of CPU and CDN. But it is pertinent to note that tools such as Cloudwatch do not cover every aspect of AWS Monitoring. They help ensure that your cloud infrastructure remains robust, but using third-party tools can help you optimize and significantly enhance your AWS functions. 

The fundamental goal of any AWS monitoring software is to optimize native-cloud monitoring tools straightforwardly. To attain this goal, software companies offer several tools to work with AWS metrics for real-time analysis of your AWS operations. With AWS Monitoring Software, you can get recommendations for optimal resource management, alerts for critical performance issues, suspicious data log entries and a graphical representation of cloud resource trends. 

While several monitoring tools are available in the market, their claims are often exaggerated, and choosing the right tool is challenging. When selecting the best AWS monitoring software, one of the most vital considerations for your business should be to choose between a closed-source or an open-source solution. Closed source AWS monitoring software offers several benefits, including easy installation, copyrighted service guidelines, customer support specialists and customizable emails. 

Contrarily, open-source software offers public forums for issues experienced by the users. Even though closed-source tools are relatively easy to manage, open-source software is free and might be more appealing to small businesses. AWS Monitoring services have become a significant contributor to the progress and expansion of many organizations. But using third party AWS monitoring software, such as those provided by eG Enterprise, can significantly enhance your cloud monitoring performance. Scale and grow your business with AWS monitoring solutions offered by eG Enterprise. To learn more, book a free demo with eG Enterprise today.



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