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Why You Should Get A Grille Guard

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When people think of pickup trucks and SUVs, they usually think of rugged individuals who desire to be in touch with the great outdoors. These people are the ones you see on commercials driving over rocks and other rough terrains. Grille guards are meant to give off that same feeling of toughness and ruggedness, no matter what vehicle you drive.

Nearly every SUV or truck can use a grille guard when traveling in places with a risk of hitting large objects. Some even come equipped with grille guards as part of their styling or to protect from accidents. If you want to know why grille guards are so helpful and if they're worth the added expense, then you want to keep reading.

Grille guards are a type of SUV, truck, or Jeep accessories designed to protect the grille and headlights from damage. They are made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum, bent into a shape that fits around the vehicle's grille. The guard can then be mounted using brackets that attach to the front bumper or other parts of the car. The benefits of these products include:

Style Enhancement

A grille guard is an excellent way to enhance your vehicle's style. Many people install these accessories because they want their truck or SUV to stand out from other cars on the road.

Grille guards are made from solid and durable materials. Steel is the most used material because it's tough enough to withstand impacts from large objects without breaking. Other materials include aluminum and plastic.

Most grille guards are made to be easily installed and removed. They're usually attached with a few bolts, so you don't need special tools. You can take your vehicle to an auto parts store or mechanic to have them install the guard for you if you prefer.

Grille guards come in various styles and sizes to fit any truck or SUV. They are also available in different colors, so you can select one that suits your vehicle perfectly. Some are designed to match the vehicle's original design, while others are more modern looking. The choice is yours.


Damage Protection

One of the most common reasons people purchase grille guards is to protect their trucks and SUVs from getting damaged. They protect the front of your vehicle from damage. They are also designed to protect against impacts with rocks, branches, and other road debris.

The front end of a pickup truck is one of the most expensive SUV and truck parts to repair when you get into an accident. A grille guard can help keep your vehicle looking new longer and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Another reason why you should install a grille guard is to prevent damage caused by rocks and debris hitting the front end of your vehicle. Rocks can cause significant damage to the hood, grille, and headlights if they hit them at speed. A grille guard will keep rocks from damaging these expensive parts of your vehicle. 

Grille guards can also help prevent damage caused by wildlife. Deer, raccoons, and other animals may run into your vehicle while driving at night. If they don't see you coming, they could have serious injuries or even death if they hit your front end without protection, such as a grille guard. A front-end collision can cause significant damage to your truck or SUV.


To add more modifications


Getting a grille guard is a great way to start if you're looking for additional modifications for your ride. They can be used as a platform for installing other equipment, such as lights and winches. Grilles are typically designed with holes that allow easy wiring and mounting brackets access.

Disadvantages of Grille Guards


Wind noise

They increase wind noise at highway speeds by reducing airflow through the engine compartment and underbody area.

Added vehicle weight

They add weight to your vehicle. Grilles, like other truck accessories like nerf bars and headache racks, are heavy and add weight to your truck or SUV. The more you add weight to an already heavy car, the more challenging it will be to drive. The extra weight might also cause problems with fuel consumption and driving speed.

Can be expensive

Grille guards can be expensive to install and sometimes require modifications to your vehicle's bodywork before they can be installed properly. It means that if you have an older car, it may not be possible for them to fit without some significant work being done first.


Different Styles of Grille Guards


There are many different styles of grille guards on the market today. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to know what they are before purchasing.

Roll bar style

It is the most popular grille guard style. It is designed to protect your vehicle's hood and front bumper from damage caused by small debris or obstacles.

Bull bar style 

This grille guard protects your vehicle from large debris, such as rocks or logs. The bull bar style also helps prevent damage to your headlights and other parts of your vehicle's body by absorbing some impact force when you hit something with it.

Brush bar style 

This grille guard protects your vehicle from brush and branches caught in front of your radiator.

Diamond plate style 

This grille guard is made of a thick steel diamond-shaped plate welded to the bumper. It offers maximum protection from large debris and is usually used on off-road vehicles.

Mesh style 

This grille guard style features a wire mesh welded to the bumper. It will protect your vehicle from small rocks, dirt, and debris but won't shield it against larger objects.

Custom style 

If none of the grille guard styles mentioned above suits your taste, you can have one custom-made for your vehicle. It allows you to choose the exact design and materials used in its construction.


Considerations when shopping for a Grille Guard

There are many factors to think of before you start shopping for a grille guard. It ultimately comes down to what matters to you the most. These considerations can help you determine which grille guard to buy:


  • Style: Choose the style that best suits your vehicle's looks and budget.
  • Material: Choose between aluminum or steel materials for strength and durability.
  • Finish: Choose between powder coating (for long-lasting shine) or paint (for easier customization).


A grille guard may be worth the investment if safety is your top priority. But if you reside in an urban area and are worried about putting pedestrians at risk, then maybe it isn't the best choice. With a little bit of research, you'll be able to find the perfect one for your pickup truck or SUV.



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