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The coronavirus-induced economic lull has made most of us rethink our investment plans. In a crisis like this, investors have long leaned towards precious metals, especially gold. If you are planning to diversify your portfolio, investing in precious metals with an individual retirement account could be an incredibly profitable decision. But make sure you look for the best gold IRA companies before making any investment. Only the right financial advice can help you reap the desired returns from your investments.

Self-directed precious metals IRA could help you noticeably diversify your financial portfolio without taking any risks. However, it doesn’t at all mean carelessly investing in any precious metal IRA. You must carefully consider investment options like gold and silver IRA to expand your portfolio. Below discussed are some crucial things you must consider before investing in self-directed precious metals IRA.

How self-directed precious metals IRA works

As suggested by the name, self-directed precious metals IRA investments are investment decisions that you need to make on your own. The law restricts IRA custodians from making any recommendation or financial advice about these investments. Hence, your IRA custodians cannot suggest or advise you whether investing in a self-directed gold IRA is profitable or not.

That means you must directly work with a precious metals dealer like The Gold IRA Company and make investments. Selecting the right dealer is, therefore, crucial to your gold and silver IRA investments. Always do extensive research to ensure that you buy precious metal IRA from a reliable dealer. You may also seek guidance from a professional investment expert.

After choosing the precious metals, you need to open a self-directed IRA account, in case you don’t have one already. You can then invest in your self-directed IRA account.

Benefits of investing in self-directed precious metals IRA

Investing in gold and silver may not seem lucrative on the surface, particularly in the short term. But if you take a close look and choose the right approach to gold and silver IRA, investments can immensely boost your financial portfolio. Here’s how.

Stability during inflation

Economic crises like the COVID-19 pandemic may dramatically shift the global economy. Such instances are likely to weaken the value of the dollar. Since gold is priced in dollars, a weaker dollar means a higher value of gold.  Hence the value of your gold IRA investments remains high even during an economic crisis.

Financial risk mitigation

Investing in precious metals IRA is remarkably different from stocks, government bonds, and real estate. Precious metals help you create a protective barrier for your portfolio during adverse situations like natural disasters. They substantially reduce the risks of losing your assets’ value during a financial crisis.

Secure tangible assets

Gold and silver are the most reliable tangible assets you can invest.  You can securely store them according to your convenience. Unlike other investments, precious metals stay safely with you even during tumultuous financial situations. The value and safety of your precious metal is barely affected by the conditions of Wall Street.

Gold & silver in self-directed precious metals IRA

There are certain restrictions you need to deal with while investing in gold and silver for self-directed precious metals IRA. While holding precious metals in a retirement account, you should always avoid owning them personally. Choose a depository that is insured and approved to secure your investments.

You can buy precious metals personally. But always avoid holding them within your retirement account. While buying physical gold and silver, such as coins and bars, look for a hallmark of an NYMEX- or COMEX-approved refiner. It’s always wiser to stick to highly pure gold and silver for retirement investment. With the right investment approach, you can profit significantly from gold and silver IRA investments.


Including gold and silver in your IRA is a tried-and-tested way of profitable diversifying retirement investments. Just be meticulous and thorough about regulatory requirements and restrictions. For instance, IRAs are only allowed to hold gold coins with a purity of 99.5% and above. Consult with an IRA expert or financial adviser before investing in precious metals IRAs. Look for the reliable and best IRA companies that can help you accelerate your returns.


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