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Why You Should Outsource Your SEO to an Expert

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Why You Should Outsource Your SEO to an Expert

The moment you started your business online, you came across SEO. It’s everywhere. Entrepreneurs keep talking about it. It’s in most website tools. And because of that, it’s tempting to tinker with it and try to DIY it. 

Unless you have a background in digital, this can be a slippery slope of wasted time and effort. You’re running a business. Time and energy is literally money. 

This is where SEO experts come in. In the landscape of digital, SEO is an important part of your success engine. You don’t want to fudge it. Any business that wants to make a profit should invest, outsource and hire an SEO expert and here are the top four reasons why. 

1. You need visibility. 

Most consumers look for products and services and read the reviews before buying. They look up information about their buying decisions. They compare their options. These are all done online. 

Considering the competition and saturation of content, you have to battle for visibility.  Therefore, it’s important for your business to appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In the hands of SEO specialists, your company's website, products, and services will be prominently displayed so that customers can easily find you. 

2. You don’t have time for the SEO learning curve. 

SEO is both simple and complex at the same time. When you hire SEO experts, you don’t have to navigate SEO yourself, sifting through all the guides out there and what actually works and what doesn’t. You have someone working on your site who already has the knowledge and expertise to focus effort on specific aspects of SEO that will your business rank higher. 

3. SEO is constant. 

Maybe you’re doing well enough through your store. Maybe you haven’t thought much about SEO. But SEO is and will be useful for the years to come. And it’s part of future-proofing your business, given the constant modifications and development of search engines. 

It’s never too late nor too early to start investing in SEO. Through it, you build your business integrity and prove your credibility. You guarantee your online authority through time.  

4. Your competitors are investing in SEO.

Stay ahead instead of getting left behind. It’s no longer in question that business is now digital. No matter how established your niche in brick-and-mortar, business has shifted online long ago, and your competitors are already employing SEO strategies and tactics to gain an advantage. 

Businesses that adapt slowly–or not at all– suffer sooner or later, scrambling to catch up and struggling. Don’t give your competitors the majority of the market. Although with SEO, you can also fight your way into the market share as a newbie. 

Digital is an equalizer. SEO gives you an edge to stay abreast or ahead of the rest.

Checklist to Hiring Your SEO Expert

SEO improves your website’s visibility and in turn, your business bottom lines. 70% searchers are more likely to click on the top 5 SERPs and over 25% click on the first Google search result. 

Ready to hire an SEO expert? Here’s a checklist to get for outsourcing your SEO. 

  • Reputable provider with a good track record 
  • Can show you how they did on past campaigns
  • Transparency about their strategies
  • Measurement of the campaign’s success
  • Project and communication tools and standards they use to work
  • Updates on their daily responsibilities and campaign progress
  • Gives you a reasonable timeline 
  • Specifies who’s working for your campaign and their roles and task
  • Sets the expected completion date within 3-6 months or more
  • Works with your budget
  • Flexibility in scaling up and down according to your needs
  • Outlines their recommendations based on your budget
  • Clearly defines what you are paying for
  • Has an established terms and conditions on their payments


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