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Hunting is a popular pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, the most popular hunting seasons take place in the fall, winter, and early spring. For instance, deer season is virtually always set from late fall into the winter.

When you head into the backcountry, that means you’ve got to be ready to face some of the coldest, most unpredictable weather conditions. The same is true for camping. As a result, truly effective hunting camo clothing is designed to keep you warm, dry, comfortable, and safe in the most extreme circumstances. If you love the great outdoors and have some late-season camping planned, here are five pieces of hunting gear you can bring along.

A Light, Strong Hand Saw

Hopefully, you have already included a hatchet when packing your other camping essentials, like a headlamp, wet wipes, and a roll of duct tape. While the hatchet is essential for firewood gathering and preparation, there are situations in which a solid, lightweight hand saw with a strong blade is a better solution. Choose from a wide variety of hand saw models that are light and easy to transport.

A Merino Wool Hoodie

Many of the most impressive innovations in outdoor gear can be found in some of the best hunting apparel on the market. A high-quality Merino wool hoodie is a perfect example. The unique properties of Merino wool and the enhancement of a core-spun nylon blend result in an effective and versatile piece of clothing. A durable hoodie like this helps keep you warm and comfortable, even when a bitter wind kicks up. When the temperature rises, it also stays impressively breathable.

A Pair of Good Binoculars

Campers and hunters have plenty of opportunities to wear a good pair of binoculars. No matter how you enjoy the great outdoors, there are plenty of benefits to scoping out the local landscapes and wildlife. If you bring binoculars on a camping trip, they could even help you have a richer and fuller camping experience.

A Warm Puffy Jacket

When the temperature really drops, including unexpected cold snaps at night, there is no substitute for the warmth provided by a well-made puffy jacket. Along with braving the coldest conditions for extended periods of time, hunters often have to carry a wide variety of gear. In response, a top-tier hunting clothing brand is a great place to find a rugged puffy jacket that provides warmth in bitter conditions, all while remaining lightweight and easy to pack. It’s a combination that campers will appreciate.

A Hunting Knife and Sharpener

A sharp, sturdy, reliable hunting knife is an indispensable piece of gear for any hunter. That’s why you’ll find one in every serious hunter’s pack. From cutting rope to preparing your campfire meal, a good knife provides many of the same benefits to campers. No matter how solid and dependable your knife is, it’s no use to you if it loses its edge. Be sure to pack a knife sharpener so it’s always ready to use when you need it most.

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