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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Our on Turtuk

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Turtuk is a small village in Ladakh. With the rise in the popularity of Ladakh among travellers in, Turtuk has also been on a roll in recent times. And why would it not be? Turtuk is one of the northernmost villages of India which makes travelling to it a different cultural and spiritual experience altogether.


This village is located in Nubra Valley, between the Karakoram Range and Himalayas Mountains. It is only 205 km away from Leh and only 2.5 Kms away from the LOC of India and Pakistan.


  1. Geographic Location


The geographical location of Turtuk is very interesting as it lies in the Baltistan region. This Baltistan region is priorly controlled by Pakistan as Turtuk is located only 2.5 Kms away from the LOC of India and Pakistan, but Turtuk is one of the five villages of this region that are under the control of India. This makes Turtuk a hot point where different ideologies, religions and cultures meet and Turtuk becomes a fascinating destination to visit on your Ladakh trip.


  1. Seclusion


All thanks to its unique location, Turtuk is still far from being a crowded destination. Surrounded by a beautiful mountain range, it holds its title of being a secluded place and also offers a beautiful trek to the nearby village, Hundar.


  1. Language and Culture


As already mentioned Turtuk is a Hotspot of different cultures and religions. It is a Muslim Village, inhabited majorly by Hindu population situated in a place that is heavily influenced by Tibetan culture. Along with its location in Baltistan region, it has Balti people living in who speak Balti language which is one of the dying languages.


These are just a few of the points that make going to Turtuk totally worth it. It is a place where you should plan your Ladakh group trip, Ladakh bike trip or any of the Ladakh road trips. So if you're planning to go to Ladakh don't miss out on adding Turtuk to your Ladakh tour package.


So good luck on your Ladakh trip and Happy travelling! 




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