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Why should I teach my child a foreign language that he will forget anyway? It's a question heard more and more often among parents at the best CBSE school in Garia and an extremely wrong opinion. Many parents do not consider it necessary for their children to learn a foreign language if they will never speak it natively anyway.

The truth is that an English course for young children is never a waste of time and in no case will it prevent them from learning other things at the best English medium school in Kolkata.  What is the best time to teach your child a second language? Well, right from when he starts to articulate his first words. And to convince you, a top English medium school in Kolkata prepared an article in which we present some of the many advantages that your child gets when learning a foreign language.


It's easier to learn when you're young

We will start with the most popular. Perhaps you have heard by now that it is easier for you to learn and accumulate information when you are a child. Children are true information sponges and it is particularly easy for them to learn a foreign language. Yes, there is a so-called critical period in which your child will learn English faster and that is before puberty.

Studies have shown that up to 12 months, children focus on the sounds that appear in their native language and ignore those of other languages. However, if you choose to teach your child a foreign language, at a top English medium school in Kolkata he will maintain his ability to distinguish the sounds of other languages ​​and learn faster. And once he learned English as a child, it will be much easier for him to learn other foreign languages ​​as he grows up.


He can talk to many people

After all, isn't this the purpose of learning a foreign language? When you speak to people in their own language, you develop stronger connections and friendships. At the best English medium school in Kolkata we teach children a foreign language and they will have a life full of friends from other countries and cultures, opportunities to travel and even get a job sooner. English will guarantee that he will be understood by almost everyone, wherever he is!


You teach him to appreciate different cultures

 We love to learn new things about the world. It is a trait common to all people and is found in its purest form in children. These curious little beings love to learn and discover new things, and a foreign language will help your child do that. And to prove it to you, take an atlas and leaf through it together with your child. We guarantee that his first question will be What language is spoken here?

A foreign language will teach him to appreciate even more the different cultures of the world and your child will love to dance to Greek music, learn about the Great Wall of China or explore the beautiful landscapes of Turkey.


It will increase his creativity and imagination

Much has been written about how many jobs will be taken by machines in the future. People will only be left with tasks that require creativity and critical thinking. So how do you help your child develop these skills? Well, one of the methods recommended by the best CBSE school in Garia is learning a foreign language. Several studies have shown that people who speak two or more languages ​​have a higher level of creativity. Also, they are able to solve any problem faster.

When your child learns a foreign language, he learns to consider several points of view and to look at the world with different eyes. And this quality is essential in solving a conflict or a problem.


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