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Sales and customer service are two essential functions of any business, and are interlinked. If your customer service is good, you can expect a boost in sales. Although sales growth relies on several other factors, improving your inbound support can only make things smoother for sales. Inbound call center outsourcing companies consider live chat a powerful weapon to perk up inbound support. Today, customers want instant responses, and they love the convenience of chat. So, while other communication channels are essential for a business, the acceptability of live chat is far more.

The evolution of live chat 

In the past, live chat used to be an optional medium for communication in addition to phone and email. But of late, companies are forced to have a live chat widget on their website due to its increasing adaptability among customers and digital transformation. Yes, customers now want ‘live chat'! It could be a deciding factor for many buyers as they prefer websites with live chat options because it provides them better convenience and ease of communication than other platforms. It is also more cost-efficient to companies than other channels.

One can easily choose inbound call center outsourcing to get expert live chat support services—the skilled chat agents and AI-based technology for perking customer service. You can focus on the qualities of your product or service, inventory management, and core business operations instead. Companies that use skilled chat support services have increased sales and see greater customer satisfaction.

Why is live chat necessary for sales and customer support?

Customers love to chat

The habit probably has grown from using popular text and messaging apps. It has been observed that the bounce rate on an eCommerce website with chat live chat support widget is less than a website with no live chat option. People prefer it over other customer service channels such as email and telephone. Live chat is also the preferred medium to boost sales. It can give customers the real-time interaction they look for while at the same time being more scalable, cost-effective, and easier to track than a telephone call.

For many customers, chat is more convenient and less nerve-racking than speaking over the phone to a stranger. It is more convenient to interrupt a session and return with the fact or information needed to proceed with the chat. Moreover, information with numbers, letters and special characters is hard to say over the phone. The chances of error are more. However, with chat, you can copy-paste the information from the source. So there are no chances of error.

Increase deflection rates

There will always be chats that are best handled on the telephone. But a lot of simple queries can be resolved by a combination of live chat and AI, leaving chat agents free to deal with more important tasks. Inbound call center outsourcing can help you get expert-level live chat support.

Live chat shows your human side

Although most live chat today is regulated by AI chatbots, complex issues are routed to human agents for superior support. A friendly chat agent can offer instant support, which feels more like a conventional store experience than just having a contact number or email id where customers enquires.

Having inbound call center outsourcing services for your business ensures that you get much-needed support for customer care and sales. The live chat provides added convenience to customers to connect to your business in real-time.


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