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WiFi Booster vs. Extender vs. Repeater: Check Out the Difference

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No doubt, you all have seen the WiFi Extender, WiFi Booster, WiFi Repeater all around. All these three devices improve your WiFi setup and range, but there is a difference between all these three devices.

If you face trouble while getting a strong Wi-Fi signal in your home, all these three devices are made to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Here’s all you should know about the differences between a WiFi Booster, WiFi Extender, and WiFi Repeaters, and in this blog, you will know which one you should choose.

What is a WiFi Booster?

Having affordable and fast WiFi in the entire house might be a challenge for us. Generally, a WiFi Booster is a catch-all program for WiFi Extender and WiFi Repeater.

What is even more confusing is that companies will probably use the three terms mutually. WiFi Booster is a very affordable and easy way to add the best performance boost to your network coverage. To completely cover up all the parts of your home with WiFi, you need more than one WiFi booster.

Reasons Why You Need a WiFi Booster:

Check out these reasons that you should know why you need to have a WiFi Booster at your home:

Might Be an Area in Your Home That Does Not Support a WiFi Signal

These places are known as dead zones or dead spots in the home. These are those areas in your house where all the WiFi signals get disappear altogether. In a few cases, you might have gone out of reach of the WiFi router, or maybe some architectural feature doesn’t stop. If there are such places in your house, then a WiFi booster can help you in the coverage and dismiss

Areas In Your Home Having Slow WiFi

Maybe your WiFi router is upstairs, but you spend most of your time in the downstairs room where the signal works, but sometimes it can be slow, irritating, and annoying. Rather than facing slow WiFi in some areas of your home, consider a WiFi Booster.

It will be an effective and performance boost.

Your Large Home

The average size of the United States’ home is quite big. It’s hard for a single router to cover a whole house. If you have a large home, you will need to add a WiFi Booster to boost up signal’s performance better than before. WiFi Booster will help your signal to catch even far ends of your home.

What is a WiFi Extender?

As the name defines, a WiFi extender boosts the range of WiFi signals but does this through a specific way: a cable. This can be accessed by an ethernet cable, a coaxial cable, and through powerline networking.

Now, you may be wondering: “what is the use of a WiFi router if I have to use a cable?”

The main benefit is that using a cable does not make your network slow or even add a delay into the mix.

Reasons Why You Need a WiFi Extender

Check out the below-mentioned reasons that you should know why you need to have a WiFi Extender at your home:

  1. WiFi dead spots or dead areas mean a danger zone in your home.
  2. If you want WiFi access outside your home with better signal strength. Also in your yard, in your garage, or shed. In this case, you need to have a WiFi Extender at your home.
  3. Having a large home with multiple floors can also be a reason for having poor WiFi network signals.
  4. If your wired internet speed is pretty good when you check it, but your WiFi connection is slower. In this condition, too, you need to have a WiFi Extender.

If you agree with one or more of these above reasons, then you could get an advantage from using a wireless WiFi Extender to get better coverage in and out of your home.

What is WiFi Repeater?

A WiFi Repeater is the same thing as a WiFi extender. But rather than connecting a cable to your router, it uses a WiFi band instead. Many new routers tend to use a band and density for something called “backchanneling.”

Ultimately, the use of many different bands and backchanneling can dull some of the issues that can be done with using WiFi Repeater.

Reasons Why You Need a WiFi Repeater

Check out the reasons that you should know why you need to have a WiFi repeater at your home:

  1. The cost of a WiFi repeater is less than compared to other WiFi networks.
  2. WiFi repeaters do not always depend on processing. that is the reason why the performance program of the WiFi Repeater is also affected.
  3. The WiFi repeater has the power to empower signals and is much stronger with better even best performance.


In this blog, we have discussed different WiFi network signals. These are WiFi Booster, WiFi Extender, WiFi Repeaters. We have also talked about the differences among all these three WiFi networks and about their advantages.

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