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Wiley Graydon — Former Musician turned Finest Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur who has earned a big name in the business world has a side to himself that very few people know. Wiley Graydon has explored many areas in his professional and academic life before becoming the well-known face of one of the top 10 Shipping Services Companies worldwide.

Over the years of his career he has been breaking the stereotypes of staying in one business and is confident enough to take bold decisions to change the course of his life by simply being the master of his destiny. Getting his former education of Science, Wiley then took a Bachelor of Music for college, an MBA in Business Management, and a Ph.D. in Secondary Education.

If you narrow it down to all the sectors of his educational areas, you will see the versatility of his interests and his passion for more than just one sector. Till 2022, Graydon has had experiences in multiple disciplines, but the longest time he has put in the fields, uptil now is 46 years in Music and 16 years in Transportation – his founded company for his freight company.

The American man was born in the small city of Georgia, Albany, on April 12, 1974. With all his career roles in his professional life, Wiley has strived for the best results to achieve his goals and to help others in some way. His smart, stylish, positive, generous, and distinguished personality & attitude is winning the hearts of all the followers in the relevant fields.

Entering business and becoming one of the finest entrepreneurs in the world might not be easy, but when you intend to help people through your services, meeting your goal becomes a bit clearer. Similarly was the case with his participation in the music industry – being a pianist was just an ordinary thing for others to see, but Wiley saw the tunes of his play meant for those who felt it and how it impacted them positively.

Moreover, some of the professions Wiley worked include being a concert pianist, music director, school principal, music conservatory, Founder/President, and Founder of several Businesses, including Executive Global Transportation Services, Inc. — and through all of his roles, he learned valuable lessons that helped him become the leader that could lead many others on the path to their success road.

Consequently, in order to assist people in learning the same lessons he did, Wiley built a Business Master Mentoring Program in which he guides young business owners and educates them on anything from business practices to business etiquette.

Since Wiley had completed a Ph.D. in Secondary Education, people call him Dr. Graydon. With his current time primarily invested in the classes with entrepreneurs and the business runs of transportation that has agencies across the globe, he puts very little time into any of his other passions – aside from the time he takes out playing the piano with his loved ones to help him relax from the taxing work of his multiple careers.


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