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One of the biggest hits of Summer 2020, Deca-Dence is so good that it drew comparisons with Attack on Titan- the post-apocalyptic monster-fighting show was sometimes even said to have copied the famous show. However, as time passed, Deca-Dence brought twists after twists and established itself one of the most impressive shows that have been released in recent times. It was inventive, quirky, and successfully amassed millions of fans worldwide. After the season finale, the fans seem to wrestle with the question of whether they would get another season of the show or not. Despite being a huge hit, it’s not sure whether we will be seeing Deca-Dence again or not. 

Even though the show was great, there isn’t much left to warrant a second season. The show needed some storyline that might have been the reason for its next season, but there isn’t one. The anime had a very satisfying end, and it got everything covered in the season finale. If the director of the show Yuzuru Tachikawa is to be believed, there is little possibility for the second season. However, he might reconsider if there is a way to express things in a different format. Although there might not be much in his comments to make fans hopeful of another season, he did not deny the possibility that it doesn’t mean much, but it’s obvious that the die-hard fans will cling to that for a bit of hope. 

Although the show’s perfect ending might leave little for an upcoming season since the show is so popular, it would make sense to capitalize on such an opportunity. A spin-off, movie, or an OVA, anything will do for the fans, and one could also explore the past lives of the characters on the show. Since the show is anime original and there is no other source that Deca-Dence depends on, it gives the creators a lot of freedom to experiment. If the director and writer believe that the show needs another season, they can surely come up with something and give fans a completely new story. 

However, as of now, the fans should not be too optimistic about the return. There is a little possibility, but at least they can find solace in the fact that the show ended well. Many promising anime end up underperforming, so it’s great to have a show that not just started strongly but ended well.

Source-Will Deca-Dence Make a Comeback With Season 2


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