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Willow Setting Sun, Seven Seas and Flying Dragons

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“Mother,” said Liao Chong, when his anger calmed down a little, “it's all right if I don't mention it. If I mention it, I'll be furious.” Gong Li said softly, “I've already seen Huang Mei in the afternoon. According to her tone, Zhu Xiaomei seems to be more active. Brother Liao, there's a lot of hope for this. Don't throw the pot in your hands. While she's starting to change her mind now, if you help Old Huang again, it's a big step closer to this marriage. The fait accompli, plus the kindness of drawing a knife to help each other, will push the two things up.” Are you afraid that Zhu Xiaomei won't nod? After swallowing saliva, Liao Chong hesitated and said, “Are you serious?” “Is this a lie?” Asked Miyagasa. Liao Chong whispered. Why didn't you tell me afterwards? Miyagasa said, “I wanted to go to your place to report the good news in the evening after I got the news. Who knew that such a trouble had happened before I got the news?” After a moment's silence, Liao Chong said, “What do you mean?” “Help me,” said Miyagasa calmly. Gritting his teeth, Liao Chong said resentfully, “But I'm not reconciled!” “For the sake of your money,” said Miyagasa serenely, “you'll have to do it reluctantly.” Liao Chong rolled his eyes and said in a resentful voice, “Well, even if I do one more thing!” Gong Li came back and sat down. “All right,” he said to Huang Shu,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, “Brother Liao has promised to help me.” Huang Shuyan was overjoyed, and the sad look on his face was lifted like a mask. So quickly, he was already elated and excited. He bowed and bowed, and his face was filled with a flattering smile: “Thank you, senior. Thank you, senior. The great kindness of the senior will be remembered by me and the first person in the'Jade Tripod Villa ‘.” Never forget- Duan Wei also hurriedly raised his chin: “With the help of senior Liao, just like a giant pillar holding up the sky and a rock lying down, the'Taurus Head Mansion ‘will surely be invincible and vulnerable to a single blow..” Liao Chong waved his hand and shouted, “Don't give me these tricks. I've crossed the'helpless bridge ‘dozens of times, but I haven't even poured a mouthful of confused soup into it. With two black mouths,water filling machine, you can make me dizzy.”? Old Huang, what are you going to do about your niece first? “Don't worry, senior,” Huang Shuyan said, pointing to the oath of the Heavenly Alliance. “I will do everything I can to bring this matter together, so that the disciples can fulfill their long-cherished wish and all the lovers in the world can become their families.” Liao Chong said with a straight face, “You have to make it clear that I'm the only one who has feelings. I'm afraid your niece doesn't know that she has feelings.” Huang Shuyan is in a hurry to say: “Senior, I will always make my niece affectionate..” Holding back a laugh, Miyagasa turned his face sideways. “Well,” said Liao Chong, “you must remember what you said. ” Huang Shu-yan hurriedly said, “Let's explain the notes. I'll do my best to hum for Liao Chong.” When that's done, “he said,” I'll ask them to get married. ” Nodding his head repeatedly, Huang Shuyan said, “Yes, yes, bottle blowing machine ,water bottling line, I will persuade Xiaomei..” Suddenly, Liao Chong was a little confused and said, “By the way, up to now, I still don't know what kind of quarrel you have with the Taurus Mansion.”? Why are they so angry that they want to copy the gate of Yuding Villa? With a look of embarrassment on his face, Huang Shuyan said, “Senior, there's something else going on here.” Liao Chong got angry and shouted, “It's another'secret ‘, grandma. As soon as I stepped into this bird village, I met a series of'difficulties' and a series of'secret'!”! Would you like to tell the truth openly? My mother works hard for you, always want to know is for what, put a question gourd buckled on my head is not your way to treat your friends? If you don't tell me the truth, I'll still clap my legs and stand back. I won't do what I'm doing blindly. Maybe there's another ghost in it! Shaking his hands, Huang Shuyan hurriedly said, “There is absolutely no unconscionable activity, and there is no evil and sneaky inside story. Senior, please believe me.” Liao Chong roared, “Then tell me the truth. Otherwise, I will have a'secret ‘. My'secret' is hard to get involved in, and I want to pull Gong Laodi away together!” With a slight smile, Guan Li said, “Lord Huang, just tell Brother Liao the truth about this. No wonder he's so angry. Originally, if you ask people to serve you, you should let them know the whole story of'serving ‘.” Huang Shuyan looked forward to Ai Ai and said, “This..” Is it convenient, Master Gong? “Is it convenient?” Cried Liao Chong? Great! Old Huang, it's not convenient for you, and it's even more inconvenient for us. Granny, it's so difficult for you to roll your tongue. It's even more difficult for us to work hard. Brother Gong, Huang has no sincerity at all. Let's go! Shaking his hands, Huang Shuyan said eagerly: “Senior calm down, senior calm down, I said, I said..” With a heavy hum, Liao Chong said, “Are you a bitch?”? Mother's skin is really like a candle. You can't light it if you don't light it. Wiping off his sweat again, Huang Shuyan had no choice but to tell with great difficulty that the “Taurus Mansion” had come to the door in order to tell the story of the incomplete Treasure Pavilion. Of course, he had not missed the resentment of the “Three Friends of Qujiang”. Later, he said with a sad face: “The fewer people know about this kind of thing, the better. Otherwise, once it spreads out, the world will be boiling and everyone will know. My'Jade Tripod Villa ‘days of peace are gone, the elder is forgiving, not intentionally hiding anything from the elder.. Liao Chong seemed to be thinking about something. He narrowed his eyes and said slowly, “About how many treasures are there?” Shaking his head, Huang Shuyan said, “Now I can't even see the eight characters, and I haven't touched the edge. How can I know how many there will be?” “Do you want a piece of the cake, Brother Liao?” Asked Gong Li with a smile. Liao Chong said bluntly, “You have a share of the windfall in the world. Don't you have such a plan?” Miyagasa calmly: “Yes, I have no such plan!” ” Unexpectedly, he opened his eyes wide. “I don't believe it,” said Liao Chong. “How can there be such a noble and honest person in the world?” “It's not'clean and honest ‘, Brother Liao,juice filling machine,” said Gong Li. “It's a sign of discipline. A gentleman loves to take money in a proper way. He takes a lot of what he should take, and he doesn't take a penny of what he shouldn't take. That's all.” Liao Chong said disapprovingly, “Can it be said that such an ownerless treasure should not be shared?” 。 gzxilinear.com


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