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We all were eagerly waiting for the update of Windows 10. Now Microsoft has confirmed that the latest operating system will arrive this spring. This also follows the same pattern from Microsoft rolling out two major updates per year. Windows 10 was the latest release of October 2020.

We can expect few useful things to roll out with this update soon. Well, it seems Microsoft was using the smaller update cycle to prepare for a larger Windows 10 update. We don’t know what to expect from the larger updates, but here are some of the rumors addressed that we got to know. With Windows 10 update coming soon, it’s a good time to master some of your device’s productivity features, no matter which technology you are using. These tricks will help you boost your productivity by helping you setup up taskbar shortcuts to save battery power and get most of your machine. So, keep reading for the tricks that you can use with the latest update of Microsoft Windows 10.

What is Windows 10 version 21H1?

Windows 10 version 21H1 is the latest update that Microsoft has allowed, and it is likely to be arriving sometime in May. These updates often come during a time of the year following a long pattern. Usually, Microsoft releases a larger feature in May or April and a smaller one in the fall. But this time, Microsoft seems to be breaking its usual pattern because this update also seems to be minor.

Minimize every other window except the active one:

If you feel like your desktop screen has gotten too crowded with open windows, you can quickly minimize them all except the one you are currently working on. 

You just have to click the title bar of the window you want to remain working on to select it. After that, hold the mouse down and move down the window back and forth quickly- shaking it to be more precise. After a quick couple of shakes, all the other windows will minimize, leaving only the one you have shaken open. Amazing, right, Ahh no need to thank me.

Open the ‘Secret’ Start menu

We all know to go to the Start menu, we all hit the windows logo at the bottom left corner of your screen through the keyboard or the screen. But know do you know about the lesser-known second start menu that making accessing important features like the command prompt, the control panel, and the task manager much easier. You can easily access it in two ways first by pressing the Windows + X and second by right click the windows icon/start button.

You can create an Event without even having to open the Calendar app

With Windows 10 latest update, you can quickly create events without even opening your calendar directly from the taskbar- Here is how you can do it.

  • On your Taskbar, click on the box with the time and date option in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the date when you want to schedule an event.
  • Then after that, enter the event name, time, and location, and it’s done.
  • After that, just click save, and it’s done. The event should appear on the calendar app across all devices.

Taking a Screenshot on Windows 10

We know it’s a basic one- but sometimes we don’t know how to take a screenshot or how easy which buttons were use to take a screenshot on your laptop when you don’t do it often. But let us tell you there are at least 8 different ways to take a screenshot with Windows 10. If you want to capture your whole screen, the easiest way to do it by pressing Windows key+ Print screen, and that picture will be saved to the pictures in a folder for screenshots.

If you want to capture just one part of your screen, hit the windows key+ Shift +S to open a tool called Snip and Sketch which will allow you to capture a particular portion of the screen and create a screenshot of that.

You can Open items from Your taskbar with keyboard shortcuts:

Now we all have pinned some of the important programs to our taskbar for quick and easy access. But now, with the update, you don’t have to click on them; there are shortcuts that you can use Windows Key + [Number Key] with the number key corresponding to the program beside it. For example, this is extremely useful when you are doing some important tasks, and you don’t want to life finger of your keyboard. It may feel more useful to just click on one of those number buttons, and it’s done.

File Extensions in File Explorer:

In Microsoft, File extensions are hidden by default which makes life hard for people who want to look for a specific type of file and have to go to properties to find about it. To see the file extension, do the following thing:

  • Go to the search bar and search for the File Explorer options and click it.
  • The window that popups up, click on the View Tab.
  • Uncheck the box that hides the extension, and you will be good to go.

Banish Ads from Start Menu:

When running Windows 10 with default settings, you may sometimes see apps on the right side of your start menu. Microsoft calls them suggestions, but they are not; they are ads for you to buy apps from their app stores. To get rid of these ads, just do these simple steps, go to Settings> Personalization>Start. Then after that toggle, the setting called show suggestions occasionally in start to the off position, and it’s done.


So, with Windows 10 rolling out a new update, we have discussed here what are the new things that you can try to increase the productivity of your machine. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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