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In recent years, charging electric cars has been the primary concern in boosting the energy transition, although other solutions are raised alongside electric charging stations.

With the invention of the wireless charging system, owners of the electric vehicles do not need to wait longer for hours at a charging station. Now people who own an electric car can put their vehicle on charge even when parking in a garage or anywhere.

Generally, people are aware of the wireless transmission of data, audio and video signals, so what keeps us transmitting energy through data?

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Research has shown that a special charging board is built while moving the batteries of the electric cars. However, the biggest problem with electric vehicles is the strenuous process of searching for a charging station while the battery is on the verge of exhaustion. Because of this, the vehicles take a long time to get recharged.

Is the wireless charging of electric vehicles possible?

The basic feature of the wireless charger is the same as the transformer. While using wireless charging, one must know that a transmitter and a receiver will be there. This receiver generally converts 220v 52Hz AC power into high-frequency AC, which boosts the transmitter coil and thus generates a magnetic field.

The receiver coil then generates the current flowing in it. For effective wireless charging, it is necessary to maintain the resonance frequency for both the transmitter and the receiver. Here, a type of compensation network is added to it to maintain the balanced frequency. Next, the AC power source is converted into DC power and feeds the battery with sufficient power. There are mainly two types of wireless charging systems – static wireless charging and dynamic wireless charging.




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