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Rahu, the mysterious planet of astrology may bring the most significant yet sudden affects in your life. Rahu is the mightiest planet that even swallows the king of the planets i.e. the Sun. One may imagine its strength and endurance with its ability to cause grahan or eclipse to both the luminaries. The placement as well as the transit of this shadowy planet has always raised curiosity amidst astrology lovers. For those with no astrological background, it is sufficient to understand that the impact of Rahu transit is so high that it may either take you to the unimaginable heights of fame, success and money or just crumble you under the soil.

Astrologers keep a keen eye on the transit of Rahu or the North node in Astrology. Let’s understand what you may expect with Rahu transit in different houses of your horoscope

What you may expect from Rahu in your kundli?

Before initiating to know the effects of Rahu transit, it is important to understand its natural significations. What you may expect from Rahu? Why Rahu is seen as the most dreadful planet?  Rahu is a shadowy planet and holds blue hues. Rahu doesn’t have any existence in the sky and is known to create illusions in the minds of the natives. The house, in which Rahu is placed in your birth chart, depicts your incomplete tasks related to the significations of that house. Rahu directly connects with your past life readings and show the areas of life where you need to be extra careful and fulfill your duties. Rahu shows the thirst, wherever Rahu is placed, the native becomes crazy and over enthusiast about the specifications of that house. For e.g. Rahu in the second house may give immense thirst for money and the native is never satisfied no matter how much wealth does he own.

Rahu based on its placement may make a native dirty, filthy, dishonest, fake, liar, indulgent, and extremely greedy. On the contrary, if it is placed well, like in the signs of Gemini or Taurus etc. it may give very good results in terms of spirituality, occult, and research to the native but one thing is sure that it gives eccentric behavior to the native. Rahu is also the planet responsible for giving a person huge wealth and extreme riches.


Transit of Rahu in different houses of the birth chart

Rahu gives good results when it transits through the 3rd, 6th and 11th house from the natal Moon. In other houses it gives malefic results. Rahu transit date changes every 1.5 years as it is the duration for which it stays in a sign. 

  • Rahu transit in the first house: Rahu transit in ascendant gives a lot of miseries, mental stress, struggle, financial instability and health troubles to the native.

  • Rahu transit in the second house: The native has to face financial losses, family disputes, sudden expenditures, problem in eyes and other health troubles.

  • Rahu transit in the third house: It gives good results to the native bringing overall prosperity to him/her. Job Promotions and good relations with everyone prevail during this time.

  • Rahu transit in the fourth house: A lot of mental stress regarding property and family matters. The period is not good for the mother’s health. 

  • Rahu transit in the fifth house: Troubles to children and the native lacks creativity and intellectual thinking for this span. Love life becomes unbalanced but the native gains through social networking and friends during this time.

  • Rahu transit in the sixth house: This position brings growth and prosperity at job. Colleagues listen to you and you are praised all over. It is the time to win any kind of competitions. Maternal uncle also come into your support.

  • Rahu transit in the seventh house: Loss of wealth and marital peace is predicted with this transit.

  • Rahu transit in the eighth house: It gives complex diseases, ill fame, conspiracies and sudden losses. However, if exalted can give sudden gains as well.

  • Rahu transit in the ninth house: It is a good period for going abroad or for gaining higher education for the native. Lack of religious inclinations and the parents may get troubled too.

  • Rahu transit in the tenth house: This is an excellent period for the growth in career but at the same time family troubles and arguments have to be tackled by the native.

  • Rahu transit in the eleventh house: The position is very good for monetary gains and social recognition. Children will prosper and there are chances of gains through stock market or lottery.

  • Rahu transit in the twelfth house: This transit may take the native abroad but may give sudden losses too. Health and relations with spouse are in trouble.

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