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The DC Entertainment Universe is home to various iconic villains and heroes from the DC comics. There has been talking of a film in development, Justice League Dark, throughout the years. The film will be dealing with the supernatural elements of the DC Entertainment Universe. There were not enough heroes available in the DCEU to form a special team like this. However, after the recent Multiverse expansion, various other heroes have been confirmed alongside pre-existing characters that have already been shown on the screen after the announcement of who exists in the DCEU. This article lists five characters in the DCEU that could form the Justice League Dark.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a born leader, which is one of her inspirational qualities. Therefore she can be considered as the best fit as the captain of the team in the upcoming film Justice League Dark because she has already held this role in the comics. She possesses great knowledge and experience in the supernatural concept. She has already faced various significant threats like Ares and the Cheetah. So, she would be a perfect character to accept a new challenge. Diana also has experience of working in a team after being a primary Justice League member.


The Enchantress is a witch who has already appeared previously in the DC Entertainment Universe as a villain. This old DC character would be perfect and valuable to cast into the team of Justice League Dark. As she is a threat from the past, it would be a plus point for the storyline of the film. Also, to have darkness on the side of the team is always useful and even more useful if they can generate an army.


Shazam is another DCEU character who has been connected by his own to the mystic arts. Because of an old wizard, he gained all of his abilities in the starting. He has also fought against the Seven Deadly Sins. Shazam has not been the part of Justice League film in the DCEU yet, while he is one of the members of the Justice League Dark according to the comics. However, he is not experienced enough, but adding such a powerful character to the new team would work perfectly.

John Constantine

The character of John Constantine has been depicted in the Arrowverse. John is a crucial member of the team according to the comics, and it would be a great idea to bring him back in the cinematic universe. He possesses a great skill set and is a master of dark arts, and provides a unique perspective for a diverse team. As he has a lot of experience, he would be a perfect character to add to the team of Justice League Dark.


Batman is one of the most famous characters in the DC Entertainment Universe and has faced darkness several times. However, Batman is not a traditional member of the team Justice League Dark, but the courageous version of this character makes him fit for the DCEU version. He also holds a vast amount of experience and could utilize his knowledge and technology of the supernatural to assist the team of Justice League Dark.

In this article, after discussing the five characters currently in the DC Entertainment Universe, we have concluded that these characters have great potential and could easily form the Justice League Dark.

Source-Currently In The DCEU That Could Form The Justice League Dark


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