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Just like your phone and laptop needs the care to work properly, your WordPress website needs some maintenance. WordPress also get update regularly which are essential to keep your business on top by showcasing your products or services all the time. 

This is a prime reason why your business needs to invest in good WordPress care plans. While there are several other reasons which emphasize ‘why a care plan is important,’ but here, we will only focus on two reasons to invest in the plan. 

Invest in WordPress Care Plans 

Protect customer’s security 

WordPress is the most target platform by hackers. According to the statistics, WordPress has about 60% website market share of all content management systems besides other 52,000+ plugins that can be hacked. You cannot ignore the number because it’s too big. 

Behind every WordPress website that gets hacked, there’s a human or an autonomous computer script that capably finds a vulnerability in a WordPress plugin or theme which is outdated. Hackers do what they do with 3 goals – steal sensitive information of the user, install an infected virus to your website or send spam through your site. 

To protect your investments 

Most people don’t know what a WordPress care plan is, and therefore, they think of not investing in it. Well, as a website owner, you must know what a care plan is and buy one immediately. Here’s what a basic care plan can offer you: 

  1. Your website is backed up every day. In case of an issue, you can restore your website within 5 minutes with this backup. 

  2. The uptime is monitored 24/7. In case your website goes down, your technical team is notified immediately so that they can review the problem. 

  3. It is scanned for security vulnerabilities at least once a week. 

  4. The website is graded on website load time regularly which means you can get insights about how fast it can load. The loading time is very critical for user engagement. 

  5. Paid plugins are reviewed at least once a month ensuring that the license is vail at every point in time. 

  6. The care plan includes data optimization and the removal of spam comments twice every month. 

  7. Also, you get monthly reports showing which of the above-mentioned activities were performed. The report includes instructions if any actions need to be taken to resolve issues or prevent one. 

Why you should hire a pro? 

Maintaining a website is complicated than you think. Doing it yourself means there might be hindrances that can cause permanent damage too. And so, as a web development and design company, foursixtyfivemedia recommends you not to handle maintenance and care of your WordPress website by yourself. 

As professionals, we have seen it all and know what needs to be done exactly. Regular maintenance is evidently good for your website as it enables its smooth functioning. So, if you’re tired of all the updates, upgrades, security concerns that pop up every now and then, why not get your own partner for all your WordPress needs? Secure a care plan for your website with us, 

Contact us to learn more about WordPress installation services, WordPress care plans and much more.

Source URL : https://www.465-media.com/wordpress-site-care-program/ 


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