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Work from home has become a very common phenomenon in today's world. With second waves of COVID-19 spreading in many countries, employees and workers are being urged to not step outside so that they can reduce infections. Although you are still in the comforts of your home, creating the right environment to work in is essential to maintain your efficiency and not let your health and comfort suffer. There are just some essentials that are mandatory in the life of every work-from-home professional.

A Powerful Device

For those who will spend most of their time working online, having a reliable computer is a must. If your computer keeps getting stuck and shutting down, you may not only face disturbance or hassle but also risk losing critical work-related documents. Many companies provide their employees their own personal laptops to use, but even if they don't, purchasing one yourself helps out a lot in the long run. You can look to computer offerings from multiple manufacturers like Dell, HP, Asus, and Apple. Powerful computers are also important for professionals who work on performance-intensive tasks like video editing or data compilation.

Fast Internet

Having a fast internet connection is a huge convenience. As a lot of your work will be done online, in order to stay up to date you cannot have your internet failing on you. With video conferencing becoming commonplace for work from home professionals one must make sure that their broadband can handle the data bandwidth demanded by such video calling.

Secondly, even beyond speed, the internet should be stable. No one would like a situation when they are in an important meeting and suddenly the internet is gone, cutting them off from the meeting. Internet facilities are provided by many local businesses and also large National level companies.

Keyboard and Mouse

Using a good keyboard and mouse combination is very important to be efficient. If you use the right keyboard you can maximize your typing speed. Getting familiar with the mouse cuts downtime as well. It is suggested to buy a mechanical keyboard as you can customize the key sensitivity to your own liking. As for a mouse, ones with high DPI settings and ergonomic design should be prioritized. Popular brands for keyboards and mice include Logitech, Steel Series, and Razer.

Ergonomic Office Chair

It is foolish to keep working long hours at the computer without taking care of your own body. An ergonomic office chair with proper cushioning and posture solves two problems. Firstly, it is about comfort. Sitting in a normal chair for hours, in the end, can start getting uncomfortable very quickly. Having adequate padding ensures that it can support your body, thus making the seating experience comfortable for long hours. Secondly, there is a very important aspect of body posture that needs to be kept in mind.

Sitting in an unnatural position, leaning into the desk, can cause us to develop an unhealthy hunch. Bad sitting posture is also linked to fatigue issues such as neck pain, and back pain, and if this goes on for a long time, you can also develop chronic body pains. The purpose of an ergonomic chair is to also support your body and maintain the correct posture so that you do not hurt your neck and spine in the long run. Hence it is necessary to buy a functional chair.


Similar to a chair, even a desk has a very important job. Obviously, you need a desk to keep your things on, otherwise, you would be working on the floor. But having the right desk height is also a very noteworthy aspect of workspace design. Having it low means that you have to hunch over, but a high desk will also make it difficult for you to work on if you have to keep looking up. Even with the best chair, an improper desk setup can cause all the bone problems that are mentioned above. Desks come in many shapes and designs, however, for an office feel, it is advisable to buy a simple and formal looking minimalist desk.

Water Bottle

In our long hours of work we often end up forgetting to take care of ourselves. It is very common in actual offices that people don't bother to drink much water because they'd have to leave their desks and go to the water station. However, at home, you have no such restrictions. This is the reason it is very advisable to keep a water bottle by yourself at all times. Keep yourself hydrated regularly. This not only keeps the mind awake and active but having water is also essential to our overall body health.


Your work from the home setup is meant to make your work easy, and hence you should not have to strain your eyes when you're working. Proper lighting ensures that your eyes are protected. A dark environment is no good if you can't even see properly what you are doing. Thus it is necessary to have an adequate amount of ambient lighting using bulbs and tube lights. However, even local lighting is important. In order to illuminate critical areas, you can use desk lamps so that your desk stays lit up and visible even if your room is dark.


Although most work-from-home professionals have to operate on their computers, it is still advisable to keep some office stationery around. This includes a notepad and pen to quickly note things. It can be a hassle to simultaneously open and write down things on the computer while multitasking. Having basic staplers and highlighters is also helpful when going through or sorting physical documents. Your stationary mix should be a healthy mix and have all the essentials like paper, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers, staplers, and a scale.

Without a good working environment, none of us can really immerse ourselves in the experience. Hence, by using these essentials you can create your own office with the luxuries and comforts of your home!

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