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When you get injured at the workplace, it’s obvious that you experience doubts, confusion and sometimes anxiety regarding the future of your career and employment. Accident while doing job-related work is common in the US. Every year millions of workers suffer injuries and lose their ability to return to work like before. Physical therapy workers comp Freehold is a strong solution for patients who seek fast recovery from injuries and want to return to work sooner.

As professional physical and occupational therapists, we at HF Rehab, are committed to make patients of workplace injury heal faster and prevent future complications.

We work with employees, employers, and athletes

HF Rehab is a highly professional practice dedicated to serve its clients in every possible way. We educate employees on various aspects that make their physical life easier and help them keeping their body fit while doing strenuous works.

We have physical therapists with great observational skills and hands-on capabilities. They have all the qualities and knowledge to assist employers in keeping their factories/workplace environment safe and healthy. With physical therapy workers comp Freehold, we help employers in keeping the cost of compensation lower and restoring their employees' health rapidly.

We have a set of proven programs especially for athletes. They usually require them to follow tough routines that involve physical exercises and customized therapies that promote flexibility, mobility, and muscular strength. We offer effective treatments like tennis elbow cold compress Woodbridge for people who experience irritation and pain between connective tissues of forearm and elbow.

What makes us different from other PTs

HF Rehab is a reputed privately-owned clinic with effective approach to manage injuries of workers. We specialize in providing rehabilitation for sports injuries and neurological issues. We provide immediate support whether you need us on the day that you were injured or for post-operative care.

We go above and beyond to handle your physical therapy workers comp care. Our integrated approach involves consistent communication with the patient’s physician/doctor and focuses on improving his health. We utilize effective therapies like tennis elbow cold compressor to reduce the number of days off from work.

Managing injury after a work-related accident requires communication between patients, physicians, therapists and the insurance agency to make sure that you receive the best possible care with the goal of safely return to work.


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