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The pandemic has seen the way many parents work changing dramatically with their children facing the same adjustment.

From the hustle bustle to an almost entire shutdown of the majority of external activities, a year ago, everyone suddenly found themselves at home.

While the outside world slowed down dramatically, things at home have become far busier and considerably more cramped.

Parents now need to juggle getting the job done remotely while still ensuring that schooling takes place and, honestly, it's been easier said than done.

Here are a few tips to ease the load and keep that fragile sanity intact:

Give your schedule some serious thought

If you have a partner at home with you, consider ways in which you can split your schedule. Perhaps decide who the parent ‘in charge’ of the day’s activities is based on who needs to be more hands-on at work.

While one parent mans the fort as far as the kids are concerned, the other can tackle their work in a separate room.

Working at odd hours may be a major adjustment but with the pressure high during the day, you would be surprised as to how much you could get done when the family is tucked in bed.

Have an honest discussion with your employer

The ‘new normal’ might see you going from that peaceful office environment into a glorified creche with broody and bored little ones.

If need be, talk to your employer about changes to your working schedule. The current situation is a global crisis and, chances are, your boss is feeling just as overwhelmed.

Approach them with a plan in place and a positive attitude and the odds are high that they will help relieve some of that pressure.

New normal, new routine

Keeping up a daily routine will help everyone in the house ease into being at home around working parents.

A schedule on the fridge will go a long way towards keeping everyone informed as to who needs to do what and when.

Even the kids will benefit from having a list of things they need to achieve each day especially when it comes to schoolwork.

Look after yourself

If you are stressed out, the house will feed off of that negative energy and tensions will escalate. Take a time-out on a regular basis, even if it's simply a walk around the block. 

Use the time you would have spent commuting to wind down from your day and reset for the next. You got this, mom. You can do it!

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