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Basics of a Surrogate Agency

A surrogacy agency is a firm that gives services to those who have the interest to build their family by going through the surrogacy process. The professional services provided by a surrogacy agency are mostly complete from the start-up to the post-delivery. The agency’s job is to coordinate all the tasks involved while providing a stress-free and seamless process for all the parties involved. This helps the client concentrate on the important things which are to build their family and convey the gift of life to a family. A surrogate firm features a team of trained and experienced professionals. These experts offer support, counseling, legal help, medical expertise, and management services.

Services That A Surrogate Firm Provides

Handle The Entire Process

A surrogacy agency provides multiple services. Among the most provided services by a firm is to manage the whole process for the clients. This means that the agency will also coordinate with other surrogacy experts whose help is needed for the process. These professionals include surrogacy attorneys, doctors, and clinics that will do the medical tests. It's the agency’s job to mediate the deals, negotiations, and conversations with all the parties involved.

Screen Candidates For Surrogacy

Another service that an agency will provide is the screening of surrogacy candidates. Typically, these agencies have properly laid out their qualifications for a surrogate mother. Once they found some candidates passing their requirements, they would search for the proper match for the intended family. They're going to aid in the medical tests for the candidate. The agency needs to also perform a home study and research the candidate’s home life to ascertain if it's suitable. They need to ensure that the surrogate lives in a supportive environment for her pregnancy. Once the candidates are narrowed, the intended parents are often involved in picking their surrogate for them. In other cases, the agency will be the one who chooses for their clients. The screening process of the agency will include physical and psychological tests to ascertain if the candidate is qualified.

Coordinate Medical and Legal Factors

Depending on the agency, the intended parents may have to undergo some medical tests to determine their blood types and other factors. The surrogate will also need to have medical check-ups. It's the agency’s job to make sure that the results and schedules are going to be matched. They're going to also coordinate with a surrogacy lawyer to write down a contract that will be helpful to both the intended parents and the surrogate. The agency is additionally the one liable for sending the payments to the surrogate.

There are many surrogate experts, clinics, and independent help which will help the intended parents. However, working with an agency is highly recommended for parents who are unsure about the entire process. After all, aside from the legality, medical, and other factors, surrogacy is a process where life is being created. Surrogacy is a complex journey that involves, legal, emotional, financial, and medical factors. Without an entire team to guide the intended parents, surrogacy becomes a tedious and stressful journey.

Factors Affecting The Total Surrogate Compensation

The Base Compensation

If you are participating in commercial surrogacy, you are entitled to receive a base compensation of the surrogate pay. The amount taken for the base compensation depends on the policies that a surrogate agency implements, the budget of the intended parents, and the surrogate’s experience with surrogacy. For first-timers, the base pay is $25,000 while the money is being paid monthly during the surrogacy process. The payment begins when a physician has confirmed that a pregnancy has occurred.

Expenses Related To Surrogacy

When choosing to become a surrogate, you will be giving a year’s worth of your time and effort. You are not required to give anything financially to cover the finances of the procedure. The compensation includes the expenses that will be paid during the process.

The surrogacy-related costs may come from screening, medical check-ups, legal expenses, and many others. In addition, you may receive a monthly allowance covering your pregnancy costs but this depends on what was agreed during the early stages of the negotiations. The surrogacy-related expenses will be determined and broken down during the drafting of the contract.

The Surrogate’s Experience

The surrogate’s experience in surrogacy has an impact on the total compensation she will receive. Surrogates that have more experience have proven themselves to have the ability to carry a healthy and full-term pregnancy. They will get paid more compared to women who are only first-timers. If you work with a surrogate expert, they can share with you a more accurate breakdown of the estimate you may receive. They can give a proper estimate of how your past surrogacy experience can impact your total compensation. Additionally, they may also help you in determining the appropriate base compensation before matching you with the intended parents.

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