World of Warcraft also known asWoW is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer online role-playing video games.

Released on November 14, 2004, by Blizzard Entertainment, an American gaming company, the game boasts over 100 million accounts and grosses billions of dollars every year.

World of Warcraft allows millions of players to participate together as fictional characters in a virtual world.

Playing the game consists of using your avatar to go on quests and missions in coalition with other characters.

Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing games (MMORPG) are fast-growing and super popular these days, they’re considered a world of their own as they do not only provide entertainment but also foster network and interaction between players.

World of Warcraft is part of a multi-billion dollar franchise made up of Warcraft: Orcs & HumansWarcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, and Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos.

WoW Classic Gold

Playing the game does not require any upfront payment, rather it uses a subscription model with monthly fees of about $12 dollars. This model has proven to be a massive success and a gold mine for gaming companies in recent years.

WoW revolves around a large online community of millions of players worldwide who interact with each other through their characters forming a world of their own, here’s everything you need to know about this mind-blowing online universe that is the World of Warcraft.

WoW Classic Gold

World Of Warcraft Background

WoW takes place in the fictional world of Azeroth, a fascinating universe where real-world players (PCs) and nonreal players—called nonplayer characters (NPCs) interact and explore, go on quests, battles, and missions alone or in groups to gain rewards that include gold, weapons, and a horde of other items that help improve your avatar and overall gaming experience.

Characters progress by performing tasks, defeating monsters, and killing creatures to increase their powers and go up in levels.

WoW allows players to be a part of numerous fantasy classes ranging from druids to priests, rogues, paladins, and many more.

Characters also revolve around a hierarchy system based on the player’s ability to finish missions fast and progress in the game.

As characters progress, collect rare weapons, gain power and prestige on WoW, they earn in-game wealth that can be exchanged for real cash.

Companies have even emerged who trade in WoW gaming wealth. Players can contribute their own game related artwork and fan fiction to the virtual WoW.

The game is so popular that many players spend hundreds of hours invested in the game’s virtual world, so much so that it becomes an addiction.

The World of Warcraft has everything a virtual reality can have, it also has merchandise, accessories, and even a cinematic adaptation.

world of warcraft

Things To Know About WoW

Getting started with WoW when you’re a newbie can be quite overwhelming, from the very beginning you have to make choices that will determine your experience down the road, and most often than not beginners and those who played an older version end up feeling very confused, not knowing how to proceed.

Let’s walk you through all you need to know before getting started with WoW.

Creating Your Character/Avatar

Before you can do anything in the game, you have to create a character, you can pick the race and gender of your character in the game.

Races on WoW each come with special skills and exclusive bonuses. For example, humans or elves have certain abilities animals lack and vice versa.

Always go for a race that best suits you and inspires you to continue playing. When you’re playing with friends, make sure everyone chooses a race in the same faction, otherwise, you won’t be able to play the game together.

Picking A Server

WoW has numerous server options, the server you play on determines the characters you interact with, the quests you go on and your gaming overall experience, so you have to be particular about the servers you go for.

Ideally, it is recommended to pick a server with a medium or large population during the moments when you’ll normally be playing.

Avoid new player servers which often lack enough people as well as “Maximum” population servers that are saturated.

There’s also a feature known as  a cross-realm play that lets you play with characters on different servers.

Choosing A Class

World of Warcraft is made up of 12 classes, each class has two to four specializations with very specific skills.

You can decide to be a healer who comes to the rescue of his team mates when they are hurt or a leader who guards his team  from enemy attacks.

These are the available classes you could choose from as well as the powers they offer:

  • Hunters – they are small ranging DPS that have the ability to domesticate wild animals and make them fight for them.
  • Paladins – holders of holy magic that they send in melee fight and can transform into a tank, healer, or DPS.
  • Warlocks – They fight using magic and fire, they also have the ability to call on demons to fight for them.
  • Priests – use healing powers to deal with damage and can tap into amazing capabilities.
  • Death Knights – they free servants of the Lich King and hold the strong runeblades as each melee DPS or tanks.
  • Rogues – are thoroughbred melee DPS with a talent for trickery, stealth, and wild bursts of damage.
  • Monks – can call on the Mists to help them in battle as healers, melee DPS, and even tanks.
  • Shamans – can call down lightning and fire on to their enemies. They can be ranged DPS, melee DPS, and even healers.
  • Druids – can shapeshift into different animal forms and are the most talented class with four different specs: melee DPS, ranged DPS, tanks, and even healers.
  • Mages – spell slingers who use fire, frost, and arcane energy to combat enemies as ranged DPS.
  • Demon Hunters – very mobile melee experts that send demonic energy to power their charges.

Picking A Quest

Before deciding on a specific quest, take the time to read it carefully, most people just jump into it without reading the full text and dialogue.

But to grasp a proper understanding of the characters and the quest, take a few minutes to get the back story in detail.

These stories are sometimes really interesting, they’ll give you a sense of being part of a tale. So, instead of diving in and start slaying monsters, demons, and gnolls get into context and you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make down the road.

World Of Warcraft Key Features

World of Warcraft is highly sophisticated and polished, some of the things that make this game stand out from the pack are the great music, top notch interface, art, and  thousands of well-written quests with amazing stories.

The game offers a huge array of classes and races as well as a vibrant player economy.

This enormous game world has a huge amount of in game collectibles ranging from mounts to titles, achievements, and so much more that add up to increase the games value and experience.

Buying WoW Classic Gold

Gold is the currency used in World of Warcraft, it is awarded to players when they complete quests, missions, defeat enemies, and level up.

This currency is also used for all in game purchases. You can pay for repairs, crafting, transportation from one location to another, etc. WoW Classic gold is as indispensable to the game as money is  in the real world.

It is used in the game to purchase things like  new ranks of spells, to pay for armor repairs, crafting gear upgrades, purchase of reagents, items such as leather, bolts of cloth, alchemy supplies and mounts that ferry players to different locations.

It is also the currency of exchange on WoW’s auction house. In fact,  WOW has an economy of its own.

buy WoW Classic Gold

How Do I Buy WoW Classic Gold?

To get WoW classic gold you either work for it or buy it from the Auction House (AH) or vendors. The game has professions you can practice and get rewarded with gold.

For instance, you can become a herbalist and pick valuable plants in exchange for gold or become a miner and mine ore; you could likewise become an  alchemist, a blacksmith, a jewelcrafter,etc.

Making classic gold is quite time consuming and tedious since you get very little rewards for the things you do.

To get around this players now trade gold, raw materials, goods, and rewards for real cash. This new trade has inspired the creation of companies and service providers who trade in all things WoW.

If the stuff you have exceeds what you need, you could sell it, or if you need something you don’t have you can buy it from someone else or trade your raw materials for it.

When this game was first launched, it was not allowed to trade items for cash outside of the game but in recent years the practice has become so common it has an industry of its own.

Some Warcraft players like to try to game the auction house to make gold by buying things for low prices and crafting them into more valuable things, or simply reselling them at higher prices.

The best way to gain cheap gold is to check the Auction House for items that are in demand but are not being sold frequently, hence driving up their price.

This strategy will minimize your grinding and cuts the time you put in by half. There are lots of websites, platforms, groups and auction sites online, from which you can buy WOW Classic Gold with cash or cryptocurrency.

world of warcraft


Games like World of Warcraft have considerably changed the 3D gaming scene in the last decade or so. It’s no longer a solitary form of entertainment but evolved into a community, a sport, and even a lucrative business for many.

MMORPGs strive to provide a rich experience, WoW is not very complicated, you can learn as you proceed and it’s completely free, money is spent only on in-game purchases and monthly subscriptions .

Those looking for a solid fantasy MMORPG experience should give World of Warcraft a chance. The game even has an unlimited free trial with a level 20 level cap.

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