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The newly released World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is getting a positive response from fans worldwide. Fans who have already reached Ardenweald know that the Wildseed Cradle can easily help players fetch the slumbering spirits. It also allows players to comfortable-looking mount. The great thing about Wildseed is that it can be obtained pretty easily. Players don't have to put so much effort into it.

To start looking for Wildseed Cradle mount, players have to reach Ardenweald. Players have to get to the Cache of the Moon. However, players can't reach there easily because it required a small scavenger hunt. In the hunt, players have to find five different missing tools for the Twinklestar, a humanoid NPC. So here is the guide to find all the missing tools.

Diary of the Night: 38.99 56.96

Gardener's Basket: 40.31 52.62

Gardener's Flute: 38.49 58.08

Gardener's Hammer: 39.75 54.40

Gardener's Wand: 38.85 60.10

Once you have all these following tools, you have to use a crafting item from inventory to create a Twinkle's Gardening Toolkit. After creating, take the item to the Twinklestar, who can be found in Tirna Vall. By doing this, you'll obtain a buff, Moonsight. Using this buff will allow players to see Cache of the Moon. You'll also be free to gather the rewards from Wildseed Cradle mount.

Remember that it is not the only mount that can be found and earned in Ardenweald. Many more mounts can be obtained, but players have to know their location first. The easiest mount to obtain is Arboreal Gulper. It drops from Humon'gozz, and it is highly rare. To make this rare enemy spawn, you have to locate an Unusually Large Mushroom. Now it can be dropped by any mob in the zone. Once you have it, you need to plant it in a Damp Loam, which is located at

The other mount which players can try in Ardenweald is Shimmermist Runner. In the following mount, players will be rewarded for defeating Shizgher and passing through the maze at To find Shizgher, you'll have to move left, right, left, right, forward, and left after the sixth intersection. You'll enter the arena if you follow the steps correctly. But before reaching there, make sure you're fully prepared for the battle because Shizgher is a Level 60 boss.


Finding Wildseed Cradle mount is going to be an easy task for any player. The basic thing players have to remember is to follow the steps correctly. While moving towards the mount, players will face several enemies and traps. Make sure to avoid the traps and eliminate the enemies to complete the mission quickly.

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