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The fans of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands have just started to explore the big magical world, and they have already found some interesting quests to complete. The developers of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands have packed the game with new heroes, abilities, storylines, and many more things. The most interesting thing in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is its current storyline.

The Gorm insects are creating several problems, and they are the major reason behind the decomposition. These things are consuming powerful spirits similar to Wild Gods. While the best storyteller, Drust, have also invaded the Ardenweald. It’s not easy for players to stop what’s happening, but they have the task to reach the Mists of Trina Scite and ask Ardenweald and Winter Queen to respite.

Ingra Maloch

You will have to battle against a major boss and a mind-control demon, Droman Oulfarran. Make sure to dodge from Droman’s Bewildering Pollen front, leftover puddles, and Tears of the Forest missile. Luckily, Ingra fears with the Repulsive Visage. The Embrace Darkness ability of Ingra helps to reduce the damage massively.

You need to focus on the Droman, especially while Ingra activates its Embrace Darkness ability. The best thing you can do is save the DPS class for the upcoming phase because it will burn most of the health of Ingra. If you aren’t able to take down Ingra, you’ll be sent back to phase 1. You can only reach another phase after Ingra falls down.


Before encountering the second boss, you’ll have to pass a maze using your skills. In the puzzle, you’ll have several groups and paths, and you’ll have to choose a unique one.

  • Flower or Leaf?

  • Is it Circled?

  • Colored or Plain?

Simply if you see a flower, colored flower, circled flower, and a colored leaf, then you’ll have to choose the leaf.

The Mistcaller will throw a huge Dodgeball at you, and simply you have to avoid it by moving away from the line. The Tank Classes will interrupt Patty Cake, and by doing this, the boss will target other team members. After a moment, the Freeze Tag will call an Illusionary Vulpin. It chases the player and deals immense damage if successfully catches.

During the fight, the Mistcaller will run towards an intermission phase. In the following phase, you will have to eliminate the right clone. There you’ll see unique symbols over every clone. You’ll have to find the right close and eliminate it.


The boss will start throwing Acid Expulsion on the surface, and it will also spit some additional ones where you dodge. So be sure to change your location every time. The players who are chained by Mind Link have to walk 40 yards away from the teammates to break the spell.

During the battle, the Tred’ova will make AoE damage and shoot extra projectiles. So in this condition, you must have a healer class and move aside from the circles to avoid damage.


While fighting with the boss, the first and the basic thing that players have to remember is that they have to avoid all major attacks. The best way to survive longer is to avoid all incoming attacks and change direction every time. Use the abilities of teammates properly to move back to phase 1.

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