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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer role playing game published by Blizzard Entertainment that has been around since 2004. The game rose to popularity and became the biggest MMORPG by 2009 and had more than a hundred million players by 2014. Since its launch, it has had a total of 8 major action packs, the most recent one of them is set to release this October. World of Warcraft: Shadowland is all set to open the realm of the dead, Shadowlands, to the players. The game is going to introduce a lot of new things in the upcoming expansion. A pre-expansion patch is going to be released soon by the developers to help everyone prepare for the new adventures. 

One huge change that is going to entice a lot of fans is the character customization of the new action pack. It used to take most players quite some time to create their characters. But with the latest changes in the upcoming pack, it might take even longer than that. If the reports are to be believed the customization now won’t depend on other selections meaning one has to put in more time and be more specific about every aspect while creating a character for oneself. 

 The new customization means that unlike in the past when the color of tattoos can be affected by hair color, the new update will let players choose and be more in control of every aspect of the character that they wish to create. It was quite annoying that earlier hair color used to affect the eye color as well, but now there won’t be such reasons for vexation as players can work on independent features of their character.

 Even before the players go to the character customization option, they will find out that the character creation screen is renewed. To make the crux of a class evident, the character will undergo action through flashy animation, which will display the gist of the class. Character customization options like hair style, skin tone and eye color will be accessible to all races. The customization will even have additional features for some of the race that won’t be limited to basics such as scars, beards and tattoos, like the option to even change the flower in the character’s hair as per one’s need. 

 Choosing a name will also be quite straightforward and players can pick names with green check marks while the ones with red cross signify that the name is not available. Once a player is satisfied with everything, they can go ahead with their adventure. However, if you wish to make changes to your character after you have started the adventure, all you need to do is pay the barber a visit. Now here is something interesting, you can not only customize appearance but change the gender of your character as well. 

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is all set to release on October 27th. The fans are excited as it will introduce them to the realm of the dead, which has been part of Warcraft lore for a decade now. Apart from all the customization options, there is also a restructuring of the leveling system. Now with all the new customization options, fans are hoping to have more fun as they can be more specific with the changes that they wish to introduce. With the introduction of choices such as gender change, World of Warcraft appears to catch on to the changing world. The demands of some of its players who want them to be more open towards issues like a sex change. The changes in the upcoming expansion look promising; however, only time will tell how much players prefer the new changes.  

Word of Warcraft has always been successful in impressing their fans with each of their expansions; there is no reason to believe that this time will be any different. The consistency of World of Warcraft over the years is impressive to say the least. Now that they are trying to be more progressive towards social changes, they are sure to win the hearts of more fans. The October release is going to be crucial as we might see World of Warcraft be more active in incorporating the social changes in the game as well.

Source-World of Warcraft Shadowlands


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