Poultry matches were part of ancient history that has continued in every era, although animal battles have also been impacted with the impact of the technological and scientific revolution.

Now there are many websites promoting poultry matches that even allow people to make money; one such website we will talk about is Wpit18. 

This online betting website is viral in the Philippines, where one can register for rooster fight tournaments.

Let's get a clearer picture of Wpit18, how this website works, and if using this illegitimate website is legal and safe.   

What Is Wpit18?

The chicken battle is the ultimate game for the Philippines, and Wpit18 is a website that provides an online platform for chicken fighting matches. The Philippines players can register their birds and compete in poultry combat matches here. 

Wpit18 is a landing page for WPC and is the organization for the World Pit Cup that condones roosters' fight. The game goes on between the roosters for approximately five minutes, and the rooster that stays alive wins the match, and the owner gets the prize. 

However, only people from the Philippines can get involved in these games to compete against the roosters and other players. 

This game has quite an enormous fanbase in the Philippines, as they like to compete and place bets on roosters, but people from all over the world participate in this match for betting. 

How Does Wpit18 Work?

The website runs on a simple algorithm, so anyone who wants to participate in this game can register for free. All you need to do is go to the website and log in with your email address and other details required.

Once you get the approval, the registration step is complete, and you can participate in the match; however, the requirement is to have at least 100 points to play the game and earn money by betting on the chosen roosters. 

Seeing the madness behind the rooster fight, WPC has outlined a few guidelines to ensure this event's smooth and uninterrupted flow.

  • First, if you need to participate in WPC, register at Wpit18.com.
  • After the successful registration, you will be designated a particular day and time for a cockfight.
  • Bring your roosters to the event on the designated date and fight in the ring with your competitor.
  • The referee will give a certain amount of time before deciding the winner to choose the best one as the winner.
  • Now, if you want to participate in betting, the registration part is a must.
  • The event is aired on Wpit18.com as soon as it starts, so you can watch it live.
  • Occasionally since the rooster fight is famous in the Philippines, it gets a lot of attention.
  • You can watch the competition live on Wpit18.com and wait for the best results announced by the referee. 

Registration Steps For Wpit18 Dashboard

Before signing up to register on the Wpit18.com website, you must read the rules and regulations mentioned on the WPC. As obvious, cockfighting violates animal rights; know that it is still legal in many countries. 

Follow these steps to access the Wpit18 dashboard:

  • You need to visit the “Live” page WPit18.
  • If you already have an existing account, enter your “username and password” and click on “Sign in to your account.”
  • You need to click on “Contact us” from the menu if you don't have an account.
  • You will see the Viber and WhatsApp numbers to get help with registration.
  • After the successful registration, you will get your username and password, which you can use to log in. 

Here are the simple steps to follow for the registration process. 

  • Enter the website “https://www.wpit18.com” on your browser.
  • As you land on the website, you will see a form on the first page; fill out the form with the details like your name, contact number, Facebook ID, etc. 
  • Submit your form for approval and wait for the confirmation. 

Pros And Cons Of Wpit18

Pros Of Wpit18:

  • The good thing is if you are a poker player, you certainly stand a better chance at winning on the Wpit18 website. 
  • This game was solely started for human entertainment for several reasons like betting, earning prize money, and showing dominance over the opponent. 
  • Another benefit of playing on this website is that you'll get various online games to play and watch live for free. 

Cons Of Wpit18:

  • Since the dawn of man, animals have been used as a prop to entertain humans, and the Rooster fight is no different. 
  • People bring their cocks and roosters to the field and put them in competition to fight against each other. It's improper and shouldn't be promoted at any level. 
  • This is animal cruelty, and brutality concerns have been brought up so many times by NGOs and other communities raising the fight against animal brutality in games like these. 
  • Rooster fighting involves betting and gambling, which is illegal and prohibited in many places and countries. 


Even though Rooster fighting is very popular in the Philippines, it's still illegal in many countries because of how brutal this game gets. One can register at the Wpit18 website to participate, watch online or participate as a player.

Many people join this event to watch online and do the betting for their chosen rooster. The one who wins gets the prize in the form of money. However, some strict rules and regulations need to be followed before registering, and it's totally up to WPC if they allow your application. 


What is Wpit18, and what is its full form?

Wpit18.com is a website for Philippines people interested in participating in rooster fighting competitions to watch online or play. To join in watching the live game, they can do the betting on their chosen rooster and get the prize money in return if their rooster wins. 

Is Wpit18 legal and safe?

We have very openly talked about how WPC and Wpit18 work, so it is undoubtedly very safe, and in nations like the Philippines, it is lawful and protected as well. You must continue to check the rules and regulations on the site before you sign up to check for updated changes (if any). 

Are there any registration fees?

Yes, registering on the Wpit18 website is free, where you can play several online games and win a prize in return. However, there are certain conditions you need to abide by to get approval from the website. 

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