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Emails are an effective form of communication. Emails have a formal touch, and that’s what makes them significant as compared to other mediums of communication. It can seem to be more daunting for non-native English speakers. 


It is important to write effective emails, and it can be done via training courses. The email writing courses online in Chandigarh can help in gaining the required skills for writing impressive emails. There are many online courses that can give your career direction, such as online marketing courses for beginners. 


Here’s a look at some tips which will help in writing emails confidently and getting rid of post-send anxiety:

  • Compelling subject line

The subject line plays a crucial role as it can impact the success of your email. It is also a deciding factor for the receiver to open the mail or not. Sadly, many individuals struggle over here. The subject line should be descriptive, and specific, and offers the required introduction. Even if the emails are internal, they should have a great subject line. The subject line should also describe the content of the mail. You don’t need clickbait in the subject line, as the receiver might lose trust this way. 

  • Begin with an appropriate greeting

The mail should start with an appropriate beginning, like a greeting. There are two parts to the greeting- the salutation and the opening statement. The suitable solution is based on the situation. When writing a formal email, it’s better, to begin with, ‘Dear’. 


While sending an email to a known person or working in a casual environment, it is better to go with a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’. When sending an email to a group, it can be started as ‘To whom it may concern’. It is better to avoid using gender-specific or non-inclusive terms such as ‘Hi Guys’, or Mr/ Mrs/Ms.


The following sequence should be maintained:


Dear- First name

Good morning/ afternoon

  • Attention-Grabbing Opening Statement 

Once the salutation is done, it’s time to begin the email. The way subject line decides if the email is opened, and the opening statement decides if the mail is being read. If it is an introduction, open with something that will interest the recipient. A little research can prove to be helpful before writing the mail. It can help in building a rapport and show that the mail is not a generic one. Irrespective of whom you are emailing, establish some kind of context. 

  • Keep the message short and precise

We send and receive several emails every day. One thing is clear a lot of time is being spent reading emails. Many individuals scan emails to get an idea about the message and move to the next option. To make the emails readable and improve their scannability, Keep the paragraphs short and add bullet points. It is also suggested to use visuals for breaking up the text. 

There is no need to tell everything in a single mail. No one wishes to read a three-page essay waiting in their inbox. Consider the main takeaway from the email and if there is a specific action that you wish the recipient to take. 

  • Try to be consistent with the font

It is important to be consistent with the font throughout the mail. Emails are fun, and they can be made impressive by adding GIFs, images, and colours. Using different types of fonts in varied colours is a big No. This will make the eye confused about where to go and would be too loud and distracting. It is best to stick to one font and one colour. Even when using a second font, do it sparingly. 

  • Keep a simple closing

Once the content of the email is done, it’s time to close it. The closing doesn’t need to be fancy. Just keep it simple yet straightforward. Sticking to the stereotypical closing lines should be fine. The closing lines should consist of words such as sincerely, best regards, warm regards, kind regards, thank you, take care, etc. 

  • Spelling and grammar check

This is the last but quite important step when writing an email. You should never miss out on this one. Just imagine creating a perfect message but leaving grammatical and spelling errors in the same. Once you are done drafting an email, read it to find out the errors or copy and paste it into Microsoft Word for a quick spelling and grammar check. There are special platforms such as Grammarly as well for checking errors. Read the sentences loud to see if they are too long. 


  • Imagine receiving the mail that you are writing

Try to view the email from the point of view of the receiver. One of the common issues while writing an email is the lack of empathy for the recipient. Consider the purpose of mailing is the receiver the right person to contact, is the message clear, can it be discussed in a meeting, and does the main help or hurt the aim of mailing. It can be all the more helpful when mailing a new person. 


  • Write the way you talk

Yet another essential tip when writing an email is to write the way you talk. Sometimes, people create emails that are too formal and come across as stiff. This especially holds true for non-native English speakers. On the other hand, native English speakers write informally. 


Writing an email should not seem to be a daunting task for anybody. The above-mentioned tips are simple yet useful in creating effective emails that would be read, scanned, and understood by the receiver. After all, isn’t that the purpose of sending emails! 

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