Do you know there are 7.5 million blog posts published daily? You would have heard about the rising popularity of blogs among readers. But writing a blog post now requires a tricky approach.

Every brand or influencer prefers to create and maintain blogs to share their expertise and experiences with others. This gives them a sense of leadership within their community. At the same time, a blog post forms a brand personality that attracts people and creates its distinctive position among the target audiences.

We cannot ignore that a blog isn't about just providing information. Instead, it becomes a medium to boost an influence or brand's overall digital presence. 

This article will tell you the elements you need to use to craft the perfect blog post. Also, we will explain more on the 9 epic tips to make your blog post captivating. 

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7 Elements of a Perfect Blog Post 

There are countless blogs available on the internet. But, to craft a perfect blog post, you need to include a few essential elements. They are mentioned below:

The audiences need to be interested in the topic of your blog post. This will attract them to click and read the blog. Also, audiences often don't want to read a blog on a topic unrelated to their interests. If you feel confused about the reader's interests, you can use some keyword research tools online. They will let you know about the preferences and choices of the audiences.  

2. Writer profile 

Since innumerable blog posts are available on similar topics online, audiences often look for a credible element. One such conceivable element is a writer's profile with an image that gives a sense of authentication. Also, sometimes audiences engage more with the writer and their work through their social media profile links. 

3. Table of contents

Blocks of text may seem challenging to read or unattractive. So, adding a table of content with multiple subheadings organizes the content. Moreover, it becomes easy for the reader to navigate the whole blog easily and quickly read the information they need.  

4. Attractive headline 

The headline is the first element the reader will spot in the search results. Consequently, you need to add an Attractive Headline that captures the reader's attention among other headlines on the same topic. But, crafting the correct headline that seems attractive can be a time-consuming task. 

5. Catchy introduction 

The attractive headline does the first task to drive in the reader. The following job to hook the reader to read the entire blog is to be done by a Catchy introduction. After reading the first few lines, the reader decides whether they want to continue reading or not. So, it would help if you gripped them with the introduction.  

6. Multiple sub-headings 

Headlines and subheadings organize the content making it easy to read. Also, it highlights the main elements of the blog, offering a typographical relief from piles of text. Furthermore, it helps the search engine understand the contents of your blog, making it rank better. 

7. Conclusion 

After reaching the end of your article, the reader remembers a few essential points and forgets the other information. So, every good blog must summarise the key points from the article for an ideal end. Also, this space can be used to add links for an action that the blog owner desires from the readers. 

These were some key elements you need to add while curating a perfect blog. Next, we will give you some valuable tips for writing a fantastic blog post. 

9 Epic Tips To Make a Blog Post Captivating

Great content works wonders for growing a business on the internet medium. But it's not easy to craft that ‘great content. So, we have listed the 9 Epic Tips to write the best blog post. 

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1. Pick and note ideas 

The first step while writing an article is choosing a topic. For this, you can always use your creativity and combine them with Trending topics or keywords to come up with ideas. But it's not always possible to be creative.

So, note it down whenever you come across something interesting, engaging, or valuable that can go viral. You can make yourself a spreadsheet online and note down your ideas. 

Regarding blogs for brands, the blog post needs to be around topics related to their product or services. This would bring returns on investment by more online. For this, you can often think about the problems the product solves or what prevents prospective leads from buying the product.  

Another way can be checking out the most famous content in the brand's industry or checking competitors' work. However,  make sure that you don't copy it and take note of the content that works.  

2. Target a set audience 

The next step is targeting a particular audience while crafting the blog. Once you target a specific audience, you can write the blog keeping them in mind, and the content will seem more appealing to them.

Also, you will better understand the possible preferences of the audiences to keep them in mind while writing the content. Moreover, it makes the content easy to write and avoids irrelevant information.  

3. Research makes the difference 

Crafting great content is not easy. The two main things that make a difference are research and writing style. Your research will make your article stand out from other articles.

So, you need to find relevant and quality information and eliminate all unnecessary material from your blog. After finalizing the topic, you need to sit down and note ideas coming into your mind while searching on the available sources on the internet.   

4. Craft keyword-filled attractive headlines 

Humans judge a book by its cover and headline is that cover. You Need to write attractive headlines filled with relevant keywords for your blog that are vital. These keywords have the potential to increase the traffic to your blogs.

If you are a reader,, you will type a few specific words in the search box to learn more about it. So, if you are writing for that reader, then you must think about what they would type to search for your product, service, or informative article. 

Many tools are available online to know more about the keywords that people search for and add to the headline itself. Consequently,  the presence of these keywords in your blog post would make you find a place in the search results. 

5. Initial sentences need to be Captivating 

After finalizing the headline, the next part is the intro. So, it would help if you wrote a relatable and exciting introduction that would make the reader stay and read the blog.

Moreover, include the keywords used in the headline within the initial sentences of the article. Don't beat around the bush and come straight to the point at the beginning.   

6. Use simple sentences and short paragraphs 

The biggest myth among bloggers is that fancy sentences would impress a reader. But, it's not true as readers look for simple, concise, and easy-to-read sentences. Make short paragraphs that ensure better retention and more use of white space that enhances readability.  

The readers on the internet don't have much time to spend on a single blog, and reading on a phone or computer isn't easy either. So, simple sentences and short paragraphs will make the content easy to grasp.

7. Chunk Down by making points

Formatting is essential in a blog. Nothing can be more boring than reading one enormous paragraph in a blog. Since most readers initially skim through the article, listing and making points in blocks of text chunks down the content becomes easy to understand.

Also, there is a greater chance for the reader to absorb and remember your content in a short time. 

At the same time, bullets and points enable you to highlight the key information in your article that serves as mini-headings.

So, try to use bullets and points wherever possible to make the content more easily. Moreover, making down points is favored by search engines for rankings that enhance traffic to your website.  

8. Add visuals 

The human brain is attracted to visuals and processes them more quickly than text. So, adding images, infographics, or any other Gifs can increase your post's engagement. You can find countless royalty-free photos on the internet in your blog. 

Otherwise, you can create your images using various online tools. Infographics and visuals make the blog post more interesting to read.  

9. Don't finish without proofreading and editing

Once you finish writing the blog, it is time to polish the content to make it finer. It is not a novel or a book that needs to be too lengthy or a collection of literary wonders. So, your content must be sweet and simple without any irrelevant details. 

For this, you need to read your content multiple times and even think from a reader's perspective. Take out grammatical or factual errors, make the sentences easier to read and keep the content crisp and not make it bland. Consequently, thorough proofreading and editing before publishing it to the world are necessary. 

Furthermore, optimize your content as per SEO, as it brings a lot of organic traffic to your blog post. You can do this by enhancing readability analysis and adding elements like Meta, title, description, and focused keywords. Moreover, integrate it with other social media tools for better success.   

Wrapping up 

Blogs are interesting content to read on the internet that provides helpful information. But crafting a great blog requires certain essential elements like using a Trending title, adding a writer profile, a table of content, an attractive headline, a catchy introduction, multiple subheadings, and a conclusion.

Also, the tips mentioned above can further guide you to write a Captivating Blog Post for the internet. These Epic Tips will ensure that your data-driven quality blogs will delight the readers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below we have answered some of the mostly asked queries regarding blogging.

How to write a killer blog post?

There are 5 steps to writing a killer blog post that is:

  1. Choose a topic and do research 
  2. Craft an informative and attractive headline
  3. Write a single draft
  4. Use images or other Infographics 
  5. Edit your blog post and optimize it for SEO

What are the things to avoid while writing a blog post?

You Need to make sure that you avoid certain things while writing a great blog post. They are:

  1. No clear intent for writing the blog
  2. Writing without a particular niche or topic
  3. Not considering a particular set of target audiences 
  4. Making no use of SEO preferences or keywords 
  5. No formatting in your blog 
  6. Too vague or broad topics
  7. Writing from the writer's perspective 

What are the essential features of a blog?

There are a few essential features that you must include in your blog post:

  1. Attractive Headline
  2. Compelling introduction 
  3. Useful subheadings
  4. Informative content body
  5. Visually Captivating graphics 
  6. CTA or conclusion
  7. Catchy Meta Description 

There are various kinds of blogs available online in multiple niches. The most popular ones are lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, health and fitness blogs, personal blogs, DIY craft blogs, etc. 

These are the Trending pieces of blogs in 2022 that have a variety of readers from multiple cultures. Moreover, they are broad niches with a wide range of topics that give countless ideas to bloggers for writing. 

Can you become rich from a blog?

Blogs have the potential to make you earn unlimited money. Some popular and established bloggers even make $30,000 per month. But, the earnings depend on several factors including the amount of traffic coming to the blog. So, you can earn and become rich from a blog but that is certainly not an easy task. 

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