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Wudang Struggle-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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As soon as the two figures met and separated, they each made a lightning turn in the air and touched again. The laughing wave Yu Fu turned over his wrist and shook out his fourteen swords. He said with a smile, “Master Qiu, your kung fu is really very strong.” Hatred left and right quickly and unjustly shook the opponent's sword. In the dodge, he also attacked the seven-legged nineteen swords. In his blue shirt flying, he said coldly, “Friend Yu, you are no match!” Smiling Wolf Yu Fu's sword moves suddenly surged with fist-sized halos, which were like phosphorus ghost fires drifting in the graveyard, floating and rolling in the air in a chaotic way. Each halo was facing the enemy's sword-like leg moves. Of course, each halo also hid a sharp edge of his dagger. The two men separated at the same time, and Yu Fu, the laughing wolf, said gently, “Master Qiu, it's too early to say who is strong and who is weak.” In the rapid attack and rejection of hatred, he said lightly, “Friend Yu, how about a scuffle?”? It's better for us and more exciting. When the voice reached Yu Fu's ears, he was slightly stunned. The shape in front of him was very obvious. If there was a melee, with the skill and skill of the other side, it was naturally not easy to control. In other words, the other side could freely cross in the melee, and their own people suffered great damage. The smile on Yu Fu's face froze slightly,L Methylfolate Factory, which made his pale face look even paler. “Don't be nervous, friend Yu,” he said in a low voice. “We are like this. There are many people. It's more interesting to fight.” Laughing Wolf Yu Fu brandished his broad-bladed dagger like a surging tide of anger. In the turbulent wind, he forced a laugh and raised his voice: “Qiu, I don't think you are a man. I treat you with Jianghu morality and justice. One to one, life and death are both clear. If you try to shrink back and retreat, and take advantage of the many people to mix in order to destroy and fight, your reputation in this life will be ruined.” Hatred turned three times from side to side as freely as a moving cloud. He smiled coldly and said, “Friend Yu,Thyroid Powder Factory, don't use the most naive method of provocation. You and I will know whether I am running away from fighting with you alone.” With a sudden chill in his face, Yu Fu, the laughing wolf, suddenly shouted, “Disciple of the Blood Soul, try your best to stop him!” Hatred suddenly rose into the air like the anger of the string. The speed of his elevation was so fast and fierce that no one could stop him. More than twenty big men in black surrounded him in the middle, and the shadow of hatred had flown three feet away. Laughing Wolf Yu Fu roared at the top of his voice, stamped his foot fiercely, and tried his best to catch up with him. Behind him, the remaining more than thirty big men in black also swarmed up. There was a wonderful arc in the air, only one arc, and hatred had come to the decadent gate of Jiuhuai Villa. At this time, the exhibition Boyan and Shen Wuheng with several wounds, nearly a hundred men in black surrounded them, the light of the ghost head knife at their side, kept waving flash, they clenched their teeth and stared at each other, D BHB Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, the veins on their forehead burst, sweat and blood flow out, floating in their eyes is a layer of blood fog, burning in the heart is the anger of the flame, they have no time to think about other All I can think about is killing! Kill! Kill! The bald fat man with a big red beard was even worse. Red nose hook ash had been attacking him repeatedly as the main target. On the four sides of the old guy, there were more than ninety disciples of Jiuhuai Villa taking advantage of the gap to carry out a sudden attack. At the moment, the blood on their bodies soaked through their robes. In addition, about hundreds of dozens of big fellow quietly around to form a circle, led by the old strategist Jin Ruchen plunder Chen, this is a bucket, a net of death. Zhan Boyan, Shen Wuhen they back to back, they are not discouraged in the fight to the death, at the foot of the bodies of the disciples of Jiuhuai Villa, those bodies, each one is bloody, horrible, these are not long ago still lively heroes, now, but is a pile of unconscious dead flesh. Hatred swooped like a cloud in the sky, and more than a hundred big men in black around them all exclaimed as soon as they touched them. Jin Ruchen looked up and couldn't help but be slightly stunned. The sudden roar of Yu Fu, the laughing wolf behind him, came clearly: “Teacher Jin, stop him!” Jin Ruchen suddenly roared, flying in the air, facing the floating cloud is a very poisonous “black water chestnut sand”, in a group of black sand splashing, the hand of an “iron umbrella” has been straight out. The body floating in the void suddenly rolled up and relaxed, like a blue dragon rising from the clouds. Hatred had already turned a strange angle and rushed out of twenty feet. Jin Ruchen's silver beard suddenly flared up. Before he could move again, Hatred probed with both hands. The four silver moon knives were already dazzling and fascinating, and the cold electricity whistled like a whirlwind to the big man in black around him. Yu Fu, the laughing wolf, had arrived at the moment. Seeing this, he shouted at the top of his voice, “All of you have fallen down.” However, just as he was hoarsely exhaling these four words, the sharp silver moon knife was already flying with more than twenty big heads. Four silver shining silver moon knives flashed in the air and collided with each other. In another “whoosh” backspin, another seventeen big men in black were killed on the spot. Hatred action, such as electricity, suddenly rushed down, palm sword Qi Yang flying chop, “crack” sound into a piece, no palm shadow, no offensive, thirteen big men in black have fallen to the ground in different directions, the ghost head knife in the hand lost the Lord's flying around. The wind was like thunder, and hatred-a big whirl rushed forward. Wherever it went, the palm was like a blade, the legs were like mountains, the sword was like a rainbow, the waves were like waves, and it was as fast as a thunderbolt. The sound of the big man in black crying and wailing kept rising and falling. The warm blood seemed to open bright red flowers one after another, spraying bit by bit, piercing people's minds. Jin Ruchen was old and poisonous. He opened a pair of eyes with white frost,Kava Root Extract, tightly behind the hatred, but let him attack again and again, but he was always one step short. pioneer-biotech.com


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