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Wufang Youth Tour

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The maidservant nodded and said, “The prince told me before he left that the princess could go to the Plum Garden to look for him after lunch.” Plum fragrance bursts, Bairui competition, Qiuye Yijian abandoned the brocade white dress, dressed in a dark dragon purple robe, standing motionless on the side of the plum branch with his hands behind his back. The pavilion is simple and unsophisticated, the horizontal branches are clear and overflowing, one pavilion and one plum are set off, and the silent figure looks as handsome and elegant as a fairy. Leng Shuangcheng approached slowly, and the autumn leaves turned their heads according to the sword. On his snow-white face, his eyes were calm and calm, with a glimmer of light. Waiting patiently for Leng Shuangcheng to come to him, he took her hand, his left palm almost wrapped in the delicate palm, and led her all the way into Merlin. The scenery here is good. The pure plum branches rubbed their skirts, and the white petals rustled down as if they were frightened. A few branches fluttered and dyed two dark figures. Elegant fragrance lingered in the hair cuffs. Akiba lowered her head and sniffed the cold sideburns. Her arms tightened and encircled her waist. “Tell me, why are you unhappy?” His lips, cold and warm as the sun, fell on his cheeks and neck. Filled with fragrance and warm breath, Leng Shuangcheng's half body gradually warmed up. She gazed at a beautiful plum and leaned softly in his arms. She first found her shoulder blade and rubbed it: “I've been thinking about the war before, and I feel powerless about this ending.” “Don't feel guilty. You did your best.” Qiu Ye Yi Jian hugged her tightly, not through a gap,aluminium edge trim, “accompany me well, and don't think about it any more.” Leng Shuangcheng turned around, hugged his neck and whispered, “Don't worry, I'll be fine in a few days.” After kissing him on the side of his face, Wen Yan said, “I don't want to be separated from you either.” The two of them rubbed their ears and temples together for a moment. Leng Shuangcheng's eyes were clear. He circled his wrists around Qiuye Yijian and looked up: “Qiuye, I heard the report of the prefect of Yangzhou that day.” Akiba lowered her eyelids and pecked her red lips. Leng Shuangcheng looked at him disapprovingly and said slowly,aluminium tile trim profiles, “Is it to contend with you that the emperor promoted the status of the lonely childe?” “The balance of power has existed in all Dynasties.” Akiba Yijian said coldly, chasing the two thin lips, “I have never been interested in the political struggle, and no one can suppress your husband, which you can rest assured.” Leng Shuangcheng tightened his wrist, pressed his face close to his cheek, and said in a low voice, “That's good.” After a moment's silence, he opened his mouth and said, “Akiba, I know you're looking for Zhao Shizi in private, and I have something to ask you..” Can you check the whereabouts of Lin Qingluan by the way? Qiu Ye Yi Jian suddenly strangled his arm with such force that he seemed to break the cold pair into a waist. He looked down at her clear eyes, changed his face, and said with a smile, “Good.” The weather is cool and there is no snow yet. Yangzhou Street is still bustling, tile trim manufacturers ,stainless steel edge trim, showing festive colors. Leng Shuangcheng came out of Yipinju to drink tea and walked to the single street with his hands down. The wind rolls the skirt, fluttering leisurely, and the felt on the jacket is like a leap of catkins. Body such as Yang Juanxiu, not slow not hurry to walk, purple back light convergence cold frost, came to a cover with the words “four seas” on the door of the gambling house, she stood still. The gatekeeper boy took a look at Leng Shuangcheng's elegant clothes. His eyes showed surprise, and he extended his hand to ask her to enter. The casino was crowded and warm. The figures of many long gowns and short jackets gathered around the long table, and from time to time broke out like the roar of the tide. Leng Shuangcheng stood behind the man, quietly watching two rounds of Zhuang Xianbo, and called out clearly, “Ah Gu.” A black hat boy raised his head and looked over the crowd at Leng Shuangcheng beside the wooden pillar. The mandible is pointed and thin, and the eyebrows and eyes are delicate and pretty. Tang Qi. She glanced at Leng Shuangcheng alertly and said coldly, “How did you know I was here?” Leng Shuangcheng Qinglingling stood, with her sleeves hanging down, like a beautiful lady walking out of a scroll. She faced the crowd calmly and said calmly, “There is a news circulating in the teahouse that a skillful young man will win by rolling dice. I knew you were coming.” Tang Qi pushed aside the crowd and strode up to her. “So what if it's me?” He sneered. Leng Shuangcheng smiled gently, “I've always had a wish. I want to sit down and gamble with Ah Gu again. I don't know what Ah Gu means.” Tang Qi quickly sneered, “Why must I listen to you?” “It's just a request. No one can force you.” Leng Shuangcheng smiled gently and stood still. Tang Qi stared at her coldly with a shallow smile for a long time and asked, “Why do you want to gamble?” “There is no special reason, just want to squander twice, to find the feeling of the previous four seas.” When Tang Qi heard the names of the four seas, his eyes dimmed. Then he looked up and said, “Well, I don't believe I lose to you every time.” In the prince's mansion, the autumn leaves stood long by the sword, listening carefully to the night's return. …… The imperial concubine asked Tang Qi to go up to the single room on the second floor, and invited an outsider to verify the dice. The man was the owner of the century-old silver house in Yangzhou. After they were sure that it was correct, they gambled three times altogether. The imperial concubine lost five thousand taels with one win and two losses. “Five thousand a round?” Akiba smiled with a sword on her back. “She gave it generously.” The smile blooms like a flower, gathers in the lip corner and the tip of the eyebrow, opens a layer of lukewarm, as if breaking the ice floe in an instant, and the handsome face ripples. The silver light on his side smiled happily at the first sight of the childe, and he was startled. Is Leng Shuangcheng happy to gamble? Qiu Ye Yi Jian asked again lightly. Dark night bow: “should have enjoyed.”. The gambling game broke up, and the imperial concubine sat for a long time in the face of the dice clock. “As long as she's happy.” Akiba Yijian waved the sleeve of his robe slightly and dismissed the dark night, saying, “Even if you send the whole prince's mansion out, you must make sure she has a good time gambling.” Said to run away, through the atrium to stand, waiting for the return of Leng Shuangcheng. Silver light caught up: “Childe, that Tang Qi…” “I can't move.” Qiu Ye Yi Jian said firmly, “Leng Shuangcheng deliberately lost to Tang Qi, in order to let me embarrass Tang Qi without a name in the future.”. She has taken great pains to do it. How can I undermine her? Silver light is silent, as if pluck up courage: “Childe, that my marriage…” Akiba Yijian looked at him coldly and said, “Just ask your father.” Silver light bowed down, along the side corridor through to the front garden, is touching the cold Shuangcheng to close the cuff quietly back. He saluted first,stainless steel edging strip, and then said two requests in detail. Leng Shuangcheng understood, nodded and agreed, and walked into the atrium with a smile. jecatrims.com



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