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Xbox has shared an official release where they are showing off their combined game over 23 studios. There will be new updates to the Xbox Game Pass. It also has some incredible news in this release, including expansion to the cloud services and Xbox app and PC integration.

However, Microsoft has not shared any official details yet, but they are developing new hardware to stream Xbox or cloud gaming. In short, Microsoft is going after the game pass and cloud gaming.

Game Pass

The game pass has been a massive spot for Microsoft. You will see more engagement because people will not have to pay individually for a specific game. Xbox Game Pass is now coming to more screens. It will start rolling out globally with next-generation TV manufacturers. It will also improve the Xbox Cloud gaming experience. You will only need controllers and an internet connection to enter. To sum up, it will also provide access to the Xbox experience to many users who may not be able to afford the cost of an Xbox Series X.

Cloud Gaming

The cloud gaming experience is incredible. You can play anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. This experience will now come out for TVs. It will be the next evolution of the Console gaming world. You will not need to bring a console, and you will only need your internet TV with the service. Microsoft is also enabling cloud gaming on browsers for everybody. They are also going to bring the Xbox cloud gaming experience to the console. In other words, you can check out and play the demo version of a game before purchasing. After that, if you liked the game, then you can download it later.

End Point

Microsoft is expanding endpoints where you will be able to play cloud gaming on multiple types of devices. You might use it on the beta version, and you will get both Android and iOS devices. It will also include browsers.  Finally, Microsoft is taking the next step.

Xbox In TV

They are going to start working with TV manufacturers too. It will include an Xbox application on the device. As a result, you will be able to access cloud gaming from internet-connected TV. You will only need a controller. It might have a BlueTooth connection to the TV, which will enable this functionality. You will also get your console-quality gaming experience directly installed already on the TV.

No Internet Connection Required

Microsoft is getting serious about offline access. It is only the main reason they are building their streaming hardware. This hardware will also allow you to plug it into your TV and get that experience. Microsoft is not providing any additional details. They are constantly saying that they are working on streaming hardware to enable cloud gaming connections. However, it will work with the controller.

Most importantly, it might be a type of media stick that could be plugged into the device. After that, you can play with the help of it. Microsoft is also working on hardware that will enable cloud streaming directly to a device.


You can keep looking for the latest offers of Microsoft with new features coming to the TV. It will also provide the power of cloud gaming.


You will also get better frame rates and higher-quality visuals with the latest features. Microsoft is modifying the connection technology to provide a better service.

Source: Xbox Without Consoles: New Features from Microsoft


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