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But what he saw tonight made him even give up the idea. If you want to see it, just look at it fair and square. Even if you like it, you should bury it in your heart and don't reveal it. As long as it doesn't affect the feelings of Li Zhu and Night Singing, who he likes is his business and has nothing to do with other people! In this way, Hua Shao was suddenly enlightened. I used to think that if you like a person, you have to be with her. You love her and I love her, and I don't want to be separated at any time. But I have never thought that there are so many hearts in the world. If you love her and she loves him, you have to change your way of thinking. Like is like, not necessarily to get! At this moment, there was still a lot of people in the building. Even if Hua Shao tried his best, he couldn't see the situation inside through the wall of the restaurant. But he had already figured it out in his heart, and he didn't have any obsession. When he wanted to see Li Zhu, he would practice with them again. He didn't need to hide here and suffer from it. At the same time, it was difficult for them. With a faint smile on her lips, Hua Shao walked away, but did not go far before stopping outside an open-air restaurant in the night market. After thinking about it, she sent a private message to the night singer: “Would you like to come out for a drink?” No more superfluous words, after all, he and night singing have been friends for so long, only need such a light sentence, night singing can understand that he has figured out, the heart is naturally very happy,beam impact tubes, without saying a word with Zhu came over. That night, the players who passed the night market of Qinglong City saw a strange scene. Two elders of the Nine Shadows actually sat face to face with a Dharma Protector of the Hall of Killing the Moon, talking and laughing, drinking and chatting! This scene is really very strange, obviously these two guilds, during the day also fight earth-shaking, the whole service is known, how the important people sit together at night to drink? To say that sitting together to talk about peace,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, it should also be the two presidents to come forward, not to pick such an open-air stall. The more the players who like gossip think about it, the more confused they are. They have to get closer to observe. In this way, those who recognize their identities are even more confused. They can't figure out how Hua Shao, the former vice president of Nine Shadows, went to the Hall of Killing the Moon. When it comes to going undercover, how can there be such an open and aboveboard place to drink with night singers? If you want to say that you have fallen out with the nine shadows, it doesn't look like you are talking and laughing like this. Mindless guess for a while, can not guess why, these players also lack of interest to disperse, but finally Xuanyin and others drink half, can not find the night singing and from Zhu, asked, it is actually less with the flower drinking! The bad scorpion was the first to jump up. Without saying a word, he rushed out of the building and ran all the way to the restaurant where they were drinking. He pounded the table so hard that the cups and saucers on the table jumped around. He just shouted at Hua Shao, stainless steel tube 304 ,Precision steel tubes, “How dare you find a night to sing and drink!” In the lamplight, Hua Shao's eyes sparkled with a little wine. He smiled at the bad scorpion and said, “It's not against the law to drink with him. Why should I be embarrassed?” The bad scorpion was stupefied by his question. In a flash, he came to his senses and said angrily, “Who let you enter the Hall of Killing the Moon?” “Don't you have any other guild friends?” Said Hua Shao with a smile. Playing games, today do not know who to team up with tomorrow, how can not know a few other guild friends, the bad scorpion was asked speechless, had to say: “You know that killing the moon hall and nine shadows are bitter enemies!”! And when I asked you if you were going to stay in Yuetang all the time and never contact us, you admitted it! The smile on Hua Shao's face was even stronger: “I said at that time that this was the plan at present. Did you say that this was the plan all the time? Can't I change my mind now?”? I'm going to stay in the Hall of Killing the Moon, but can't I hook up with you? Can't two in a row just make the bad scorpion dizzy? It seems that this can also make sense? But why is it okay when he says it's okay and not okay when he says it's not okay?! Why should I listen to him! Before she could shout out this sentence, Xuanyin and others who had been watching the play could not hold back their laughter. It seems that I haven't seen these two people quarrel and bicker for a long time. I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, what I'm looking forward to is the interesting scene of watching the bad scorpion eat and fight back. They don't look forward to the result of bickering, because the winner always spends less. This is good! Or these people, or the same lively, as if back to the past, we get along freely. Although he had previously warned himself never to get drunk, at the moment Li Zhu could not help but pick up his glass, look at the night singing with a smile, and drink a cup with his head up. Such a beautiful night, when floating a big white! —————— I'm sorry that I was cut off again two days ago. Thank you for your understanding. The body feels a little better, but the throat is still a little sore, the throat has been itching to cough, the whole day down, I heard the whole family coughing there. We pay attention to the point of prevention, do not learn from my illness to T _ T the pain. Chapter 131 Three people out of the customs Suddenly half a month passed, leaving Zhu this period of time had a good time, in reality, the quiet family did not come to harass her, let her write faster than expected, it is estimated that another week will be able to hand in the manuscript, and in the game, the scholar night white and October Xiao Xiao have suffered a great loss, quietly recuperated for a while, has not made any big noise. In her daily life, besides practicing life skills in her own fairy mansion and sending some of the finished products to the Nine Shadows Warehouse, she used Nangong Mo to build the city, and then she sang together at night to kill monsters and practice levels. By the way, she asked around about the movements of the two realms of demons and ghosts. Demons in the world, just look at the mountains and plains, the identity of the monster is increasing, you can see its recent whereabouts, the more to the direction of Buzhou Mountain, the more sparse the demon, but far from the map of Buzhou Mountain, it is very difficult to find ordinary insects, ants, birds and beasts monster, even in the vicinity of some novice villages and towns,aluminium coated tubes, there are some small demons who have just got the Tao. This is a change that anyone with a discerning eye can see, but players who have not taken over the characters related to it think that this is just the result of the natural change in the distribution of monsters in the game as the Tianzhu repair is completed, and no one pays too much attention to it. cbiesautomotive.com


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