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“Report to the master, two years ago, the disciple and Mu Xiaoyao sister and other four people went to the back hill to hunt the spirit beast, it happened to find a hundred years of Ganoderma lucidum, just when the disciples were very happy, but found that there were three people blocking us, the three men and two women, two women are already committed suicide and Lin Jing, and the male disciple has not seen, the three people want to fight for a hundred years of Ganoderma lucidum.” Because the disciple and others were humble, Ganoderma lucidum was taken away in the end. Even Younger Martial Sister Xiaoyao was seriously injured and died in the end. The male disciple was Zhang Yuze of Luoshuangfeng! Really completely reversed black and white, if really like what he said, that the mistake is all on their own, even the complete victim, the dead water and Lin Jing have become bad people, Zhang Yuze's expression has become more gloomy. Yes, as Younger Martial Brother Wang Ping said, the disciple and Mu Xiaoyao were good friends when they were in the inner door. After the disciple became a true disciple,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, he often missed Xiaoyao. But when the disciple met Xiaoyao again, “Wu Yuhao said that he had squeezed out two tears.” That's him! Zhang Yuze, you had a grudge against Xiao Yao because of my cousin Zhao Yu, so you killed her! “Zhang Yuze, do you have anything to say?” Ning Yue Zhenren closed his eyes slightly and said slowly. Zhang Yuze opened his mouth and said, “The disciple did attack Mu Xiaoyao,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but the fact is contrary to what Wang Ping said.” After waiting for Zhang Yuze to say, that Wang Ping is pointing at him to shout at the top of his voice immediately: “Your bloody mouth spurts a person!”! Is there any evidence? Zhang Yuze smiled: “Do you have any evidence that I killed Mu Xiaoyao?”? And Mu Xiaoyao was injured. Why didn't you send her to Elder Martial Brother Wang for treatment? And why didn't you report her death? It wasn't until a year later that I killed him. What did you do at that time? As for Zhang Yuze's successive questions, Wang Ping was in a cold sweat, but he really gave the reason: “Report to the Headmaster. At that time, we were only disciples of the Inner Gate. There was no way to sue Zhang Yuze, a true disciple. Moreover, the disciple knew that Wang Xu, the deacon of the Inner Gate, had a deep friendship with Zhang Yuze. He was afraid that he would hide it, so he said it when he had a big competition in the Inner Gate.” “It makes sense.” Ning Yue nodded slightly, “what else do you want to say about Zhang Yuze?” Zhang Yuze took one look at Wu Yuhao and took out two jade slips: “What the disciple wants to say is in these two jade slips.” As soon as Ning Yue raised his hand, the two jade slips flew in front of her. After she looked at them, her face suddenly became shocked. She handed the jade slips over to the major pulse owners for circulation, Blue Bottle Serum ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and everyone showed a look of shock. Is it all true? Zhang Yuze nodded and said, “Everything is true. You can check it. These two jade slips are not forged.” “Yes, these two jade slips are not forged.” The speaker is the pulse master of Jinglei Peak, Baihe Taoist. Master, master, you can't be hoodwinked by Zhang Yuze. He's slandering his disciples! After Wu Yuhao and Wang Ping saw the expressions of the people, they were very nervous. Now, when they heard the conversation of the people, they could not bear it. After all, this was what they did. Hum Just listen to a cold hum, Wang Ping and Wu Yuhao were completely banned, Zhang Yuze looked up and found that it was the head of the law enforcement hall. Younger martial brothers, what do you think? Ning Yue looked worried. “This is not a trivial matter.” Shuang Lingzi looked at Zhang Yuze: “Yuze, how did you find out about this? Tell me in detail.” She now has some regret that she did not ask Zhang Yuze about the development of the matter before, thinking that it was just a stupid thing done by a disciple who did not know the depth of heaven and earth, but she did not expect that there was such a secret in it. Chapter 57 the truth comes out It is not a trivial matter to change the color of several masters of Ruoshuizong. Zhang Yuze sorted out the train of thought and said the cause and effect of the whole thing slowly. “Master, all the uncles and uncles, this matter also started from an incident more than three years ago. At that time, when the disciples were completing a clan task, they found Miss Mu and several disciples who were refining Qi. They didn't care at that time. Later, they heard that Miss Mu was missing. Later, when the disciples and several fellow disciples were carrying out the task in Yanluo Mountain, they found that Miss Mu had become a zombie.” It was a disciple of the Soul Refining Sect who turned it into a zombie. “Did the people of the Soul Refining Sect come to us?” Hearing this, the White Crane Taoist, the Lord of the Thunder Peak Vein, asked. Ningyue Zhenren nodded, “Younger Martial Sister Shuangling mentioned this to me, but this disciple was an abandoned disciple of the Soul Refining Sect, so he didn't care at that time.” Zhang Yuze went on to say, “This man is really just an abandoned disciple of the Soul Refining Sect, but he was accompanied by a woman. This woman was one of several Qi-refining monks who had traveled with Miss Mu. At that time, the disciples were not highly cultivated, so they failed to find strange things. It was not until later that they found out that this man was a monk in the foundation period, with a big red birthmark on his face.” But the disciple thought it was also her cover. “After that, the disciple and several fellow disciples beat him back, while the abandoned disciple of the Soul Refining Sect was killed. The zombie, Miss Mu, was brought back to the Mu family by Brother Nan Haotian. Mu Xiaoyao happened before the disciple carried out the task of Yanluo Mountain. At that time, he really just wanted to save two disciples, Shui Ning and Lin Jing,oil dropper bottle, but he didn't have a heavy hand.” It was not until the disciple came out of the pass of life and death a few days ago that he knew that Mu Xiaoyao had died. “Did that have anything to do with Mu Xiaoyao's death?” Chongyun Peak Vein Lord Xuyun Taoist asked. Zhang Yuze nodded: “It seems that it doesn't matter, but Elder Martial Brother Nan Haotian once went to Mu's house for this matter and found the body of Mu Xiaoyao.” “A corpse?”? Isn't cremation the custom of the Mu family? I once asked the people of the Mu family, and they answered like this. The head of the law enforcement hall has doubts again. Ning Yue Zhenren motioned to everyone not to speak in a hurry: “Let Zhang Yuze continue to speak.” 。 penghuangbottle.com


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